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UNSC Ground Unit List (will maybe changed in the future)

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This Mod is first At the Start and it needed Help it's not a good sight but ok. The point is i need someone that can Make or/and edit Models and making or edit Textures so on if someone like to help please write me an private PM.

This is only an Unit List (Beta) because i think in Febuary Halo wars 2 will relased and than the List will be changed if i have forget something or should add please tell me and i will overwork the Unit List.

greetings Mrragger

Now to the Unit List :


  • Marines (different Types and Weapons)
  • ODST (different Types and Weapons)
  • Some Sparten Units
  • Maybe flamethrower Marines ( from Halo wars)


  • different Types of warthogs
  • Scorpien
  • Grizzly
  • Cobra
  • Gremlin
  • Wolverine
  • Cougar
  • Fox Cannon
  • Elephant
  • Mantis

Air Units

  • Hornet
  • Falcon
  • Hawk
  • Volture
  • Pelican


  • Sergeant Johnson
  • Sergeant Forge
  • Sergeant Stacker
  • Master Chief
  • Buck (from Odst) later as Sparten only in GC
  • Veronica Dare
  • Captain Lock
  • Noble Team


instead of master chief why not have blue team. Also the fox cannon was a concept unit.

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that would be cool but i think it would be better to have all 4 of the surviving spartan II's as their own units until after the first covenant-human war when they are all re-united.

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chief only came back into the fold 5 years after the war. instead of the fox cannon why not the Kodiak as it's basically a cannon fox cannon and was used during the war and with halo wars 2 being on pc you'd be able to get great reference models for it

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are you going to use the rhino?

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