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A so-far complete unit listing with the details of what each ship is and why.

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Unit List w/ Details

Order of the Sith Knights/Republic Navy Knight Fleet

Sith Fighters
These small nimble craft were once a staple of Revan‘s Sith Empire and are once again. They are cheep to build and easy to stack inside of hangers. Their size causes them to have weak armor but great maneuverability.

Sith Bombers
A bomber adaptation of the Fighter.

Sith Warbird
A combination of Sith, Republic and Modern Mandalorian designs to form the best in space superiority. Heavily shielded and heavily armed, they can defeat any other fighter in the big black ocean.

Crucible-class Corvette
A Military variant of the ancient training craft. Armed with several Medium Lasercannons for escort duty.

Consulor-class (Charger c70 Retrofit) Heavy Corvette
A military refit of the Ambassadorial Vessel. These ships are lightly armored but heavily armed with several Medium Lasercannons and Light Turbolasers

Arquitens-class Medium Frigate
These vessels are lightly armored but make up for it with and faster weapon reload times.

Defender-class Heavy Frigate
A new design inspired by one of Kuat’s new designs. Built for fast transportation of supplies to the front, these vessels have strong shields and several Turbolasers with a great forward firing arc as well as speed to get away when needed.

Interdictor-II-class Light Cruiser
The symbol of Revan’s Empire. Now rebuilt with modern Republic armament and Long Range Turbolasers. They still maintain their Interdictor role but also armed to match a Munificent.

Centurion-II-class Medium Cruiser
A large ship nearly the size of the Venator. These vessels have been rebuild to fit the role of a capital ship within the new Knight Fleet. Heavily Armored to withstand an engagement with a much larger vessel and armed with a large number of turbo lasers to make quick work of smaller vessels. It’s only weakness is it’s small anti-fighter armament but has a good size fighter bay.

Revenge-class Heavy Cruiser
Designed from Drake’s warship, the Revenge-class is the largest of the Knight’s Fleet Restoration Plans. Armed with seven triple heavy turbo lasers that match the Venator in power as well as strong shields and reasonable armor.

Venator-class Heavy Cruiser
The symbol of the Republic Fleet, they are the most well rounded vessel in space. Armed with heavy Turbolasers with great range and several small point defense guns for anti-fighter as well as a large hanger bay.

Omega Fleet of the Separatist Navy

Vulture Droid Fighter
These droids have great speed to intercept any foe along with Buzz Droids to compensate in a fight with stronger fighters.

Hyena Droid Bomber
A bomber variant of the Vulture with high speed and a pair of torpedo launchers. They blend well with a squadron of Vultures so watch out.

A super-light design for the greatest interception of enemy fighters. Armed with high speed lasers and high-act missiles.

Wavecrest-class Medium Frigate
The main ship of Omega’s Naval force. Armed with a large number of Dual Turbolasers and point defense weapons along with a single torpedo tube.

X-class Light Cruiser
A redesign of the Separatist Star Destroyer built for heavy engagements. Lined with well rounded armament and large hanger bays. Their shield generators are protected by being internal making these vessels less vulnerable to bombers. They also come with point defense beams for dealing with pesky missiles.

Munificent-class Medium Cruiser
Nearly the symbol of the CIS. These vessels are armed with large Turbolasers in the front and rear of the main superstructure and lined with standard Turbolasers and Lasercannons. They also come with point defense beams for dealing with pesky missiles.

Providence-class Heavy Cruiser
A large warship with heavy everything. Lined with weapons of all kinds and a huge hanger bay, these vessels can stay in the fight for a long time while wrecking havoc on the enemy fleet. Their only weakness is the easily destroyed shield generator. Put them in a group with several frigates and they are invincible.

Lucrehulk-class Droid Carrier
These vessels act as fleet command centers and supply a large swarm of fighters and bombers.

Black Alliance

Dagger-class Starfighter
The main fighter of the alliance. These fighters have great armament and armor but are lacking in everything else.

Gauntlet-class Heavy Starfighter
The Gauntlet is a strong fighter with heavy shields and weapons. Their larger size is compensated by great maneuverability.

Longhorn-class Corvette
A strong anti-fighter escort craft with a large number of broadside laser cannons. They cannont fire forward or back so fighters can easily get away by using it’s blind spots.

Gozanti-class Heavy Corvette
Originally a escort ship for protecting transports from pirates, ironicly they now serve as a great ship for those they were trying to stop. Armed with a pair of turbo lasers, a missile launcher and several laser cannons.

Praetorian-class Light Frigate
These ships were once a capital ship before the Jedi Civil War, then they became a cargo vessel and now they have been converted back to a warship. Slightly larger then some corvettes but armed light a frigate.

Hammerhead-class Medium Frigate
The Republics main warship after the Mandalorian Wars, they severed for nearly 300 years before being turned into cargo vessels. The Alliance procured these vessels for their conversion plans and converted the ship back into a warship with nearly the same traits it originally had.

Minstrel-class Medium Frigate
A converted yacht employed by the Hutt Cartel. Armed with hidden turbo lasers and laser cannons. These vessels pack a punch but cant take one.

Thranta-class Heavy Frigate
A Republic warship used during the time of the Great Cold War, they were eventually turned into a cargo ship much like the Hammerhead and Praetorian and used by private orginizations since. The Black Alliance turned them into great warships once again. Armed with heavy turbo lasers in its front turrets and several lighter ones along the body along with a few point defense guns for anti-fighter.

Dreadnaught-class Light Cruiser
These vessels served the Republic Navy but have been slightly phased out for more Venator-class cruisers. The dreadnaught has been built by multiple companies, one of which is owned by the Hutt cartel. Armed with a great number of Turbolasers and laser cannons spread about the hull. Heavily armored but lightly shielded.

Dread-class Medium Cruiser
A powerful warship designed by Kuat Drive Yards after the return of the Sith and the creation of the Defender-class. The Black Alliance stole the designs and built the vessel with great results. Armed with well rounded weaponry for it’s size as well as a pair of large hanger bays and high speed engines.

Dxun-class Heavy Cruiser
A Large warship built on Mandalore after the Black Alliance took the system. They are armed to rival the Venator is nearly every aspect.

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