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Compilation of all of the current ships in the mod. Ground unit list to come later on.

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New Republic
K-Wing Squadron,
E-Wing Squadron,
X-Wing Squadron,
Y-Wing Squadron,
A-Wing Squadron,
B-Wing Squadron,
Corellian Gunboat,
Corellian Corvette,
Quasar Fire,
Nebulon B Frigate,
Nebulon B2 Frigate,
Nebulon C Frigate,
Alliance Assault Frigate MkI,
Alliance Assault Frigate MkII,
Bothan Cruiser,
MC30c Frigate,
Liberty Cruiser,
Home One,

Imperial Remnant,
I7 Howlrunner Squadron,
TIE Scout Squadron,
TIE Defender,
TIE Interceptor,
TIE Fighter,
TIE Bomber,
Imperial CR90,
Carrack Cruiser(soon to be replaced by the lancer),
TIE Phantom Squadron,
VictoryII Gunship,
Nebulon B Frigate Empire,
Strike Cruiser,
Interdictor Cruiser,
Victory Star Destroyer,
Gladiator Star Destroyer,
Modular Task Cruiser,
Vindicator Cruiser,
Allegiance Star Destroyer,
Admonitor Star Destroyer,
Accuser Star Destroyer,
Venator Star Destroyer,
Executor Super Star Destroyer,

CIS holdouts,
Vulture Droid Squadron,
Scarab Droid Squadron,
Hyena DroidBomber Squadron,
Droid Trifighter Squadron,
CIS Picket,
Munificent frigate,
Recusant Patrol ship,
Geonosian Destroyer,
Recusant Destroyer,
C9969 Carrier,
Providence Cruiser,
Wavecrest Frigate,
Lucrehulk Battleship,
Lucrehulk Carrier,

Mandalorian Republic,
Kyr'Galaar Squadron,
StarViper Squadron,
Dunelizard starfighter Squadron,
Gladiator Squadron,
Crusader Gunship,
Marauder Missile_Cruiser,
Harrier Frigate,
Mandaven Cruiser,
Vengeance Sniper Frigate,
Lictor Assault_Carrier,
Paladin Cruiser,
Phalanx Frigate,
Kedalbe Battleship MK II,
Krayt Class Destroyer,

Sith Empire,
Sith Bomber Squadron,
Sith Interceptor Squadron,
Sith Fighter Squadron,
Sith Scout Squadron,
Sith Heavy Fighter Squadron,
Nssis Fighter Squadron,
Longhorn Cruiser,
Assassin Corvette,
Raider Corvette,
Harbinger HSD,
Dashade Frigate,
Derriphan Frigate,
Sith Interdictor,
Inquisitor Destroyer,
Centurion Destroyer,
Harrower mkI,

Harrower mkII,

The Harbinger

Enjoy this ship list and have fun speculating on what some of the odd names might be. :D


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