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This is the new, reworked Unit list with Divison trees. Everything is WiP, so it's not Final.

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  • Dark Trooper (as off-Map Support) Phase 1-3
  • Imperial Engineers (Consists of 4 Troops)
  • Imperial Army Squad (Squad of 9 Troops)
  • Imperial Marine Squad (for a Division Tree, replaces Imperial Army Squad)
  • Imperial Scout Trooper (2-3 Trooper, come with snipers, can be later equiped with speeder bikes)
  • Imperial Shock Trooper (4 Trooper, can be equipped with Rocket launchers, or Mg’s)
  • Imperial Stormtrooper (8 Trooper, suitable for many Situations, Imperial Seargent included)
  • Imperial Major ( A powerful Unit, able to call for reinforcements and Air Support, also necessary to Land Vehicles for the Fight)
  • Imperial Commandos (similar to the Republic Commandos, they consist of 4 Trooper, highly customizable)

Imperial Vehicles:

  • All Terrain Scout Transporter (AT-ST)
  • All Terrain Personel Transporter (AT-PT)
  • All Terrain Armored Transporter (AT-AT)
  • Century Tank
  • Tie-Mauler
  • Imperial Assault Tank

Commando Trees (WiP) with the Effect they have.

  1. 501st Stormtrooper Legion (aka Infantry tree)
  • Comes with stronger Infantry that normal, also all troops have blue marks on them.
  • More Air Support, and Drop Pods
  • High Moral, because there called Vaders Fist

2. Blizzard Squad (aka Armored Division)

  • Stronger Walkers than normal(maybe with AT-AT)
  • Commander Veers command stronger Attacks and won’t let the Enemy win( they can push the rebel scum, easier back , like conquering faster).
  • Weak Air Support, main support by artillery

3. Yet To be decided(Maybe focused on Landing from Space?)


Seems very nice, aswell as very ambitious. Tracking!

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I can't wait to see the AT-AT in the COH engine.

Also if you're stuck for Idea's for units, you could always look at the Game Star Wars Empire at war..

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I think the third commander tree should be Death Squadron:

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