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Hi, everyone! I have uploaded a short video to show how the unique and powerful weapon in my mod, Type 63 Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher, works in game(which you can see in the video section). And you may also notice some PLA's trucks in this video, they are CA10 and CA30 made by my friend,which I'll show later.

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The Type 63 multiple rocket launcher is a towed, 12-tube, 107mm rocket launcher produced by the People's Republic of China in the early 1960s, based on the Soviet BM-12 MRS and using similar rockets.
The Type 63 was widely used in the PLA until the late 1980s. Foreign operators include Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Cambodia, Libya, Syria and North Korea. Vietnam war in 1960s and 1970s first witnessed the power of this weapon. It is reported that on August 1st, 1972, a US airport in South Vietnam were attacked by Vietcong using Type 63. 74 aircrafts were destroyed on ground, including several B-52. Since then, Type 63 were also used in Sino-Vietnamese War, Afghanistan war, Iraq War and Libyan civil war. The small size and light weight make Type 63 a perfect weapon for guerrillas and special forces.

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