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Hello guys and girls. I must say, i finished one of the stories about this New Canon. Read info there.

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Unholy Lord.

This is the story about ancient times of my universe.
And so, you can see there a lot of fights, blood and furious attacks. Its a battle-story.

This story is finished by me completely. Its ready for now.

So this is the short annotation:

"More then 18000 BC. Mysterious enemy with name of Cerberum The Chaotic is trying to destroy all life in the universe. Hyperborean Empire and Dragon Kingdoms are going to save all worlds and all life forms. Their warriors are fighting with terrible enemies in the many space regions. Greatest commander Juri Ernaltsev is coming to planet Nargon because of Cerberum threat. Emperor Azis The Handsome helping his allies to make good planet defence. But Cerberum attack happens suddenly, and main capital is transforming to the bloody bath. Juri Ernaltsev is discorauged and stunned. His army is near the morale death. Cerberum arriving to Nargon planet with the most terrible army in the universe - Living Dead forces. And suddenly, new enemy is trying to join the game. And this new enemy can be the most horrible in the whole universe".

I think, its can be interesting for people. And for you too.

and i must say again that i finished the story. If you can say something about it, pls do it.

Best regards Alexander K.

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