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Nevertheless, I decided and not without the "king of coding" solved the problems with the code, now we have added something new. Read more in the full news.

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What's new?1. Well, to begin with, I still decided on the number of chapters. There will be 5 of them2. The part that is now in total is played for 15 minutes, and therefore the mod will probably be for 40 minutes. This is taking into account your speed, desire to dive, read notes, look for secrets, and the like
3. Added a machine gun
4. Added . I quote "Quake strafing & DoD bobbing styles".

- "What the hell is it for?"- you may ask.
- "I don't know", I'll answer.
In any case, it looks fresh and interesting. And the addon should be cooler than the main game, and whether it will be so remains a mystery

1. Yes, now there is a machine gun

20210831205822 1

2. Guess what awaits you, and why I'm looking at this angle

20210831205759 1

20210831205755 1

3. I wanted to make some cool video, but it turned out that it turned out

p.s the video should appear in the video gallery, I have not yet understood how to put it in the post

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