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A mine level expressed in many different ways. It's not just a setting in the wild west, just for me to include in this mod, I've expressed it for loads of reasons for the mod itself and what modding is as I build this. Here are some screenshots. If I am creating the mod for Unreal Gold, I may aswell include a mine level. There's actually more planned to this sole level alone, but some I'm going to keep a secret until I release the first part of the mod.

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Mine Level

My original plan was to make a Wild West mod. The mine level was something I haven't thought about however when I thought about the idea of 'mining data' from the original Unreal Gold game, it made for a good idea to put in the game, so I worked hard on the mining level. It wasn't easy. I wanted to include the mine railway in the level. It was a handful however it will work.

Mine Level

I'm also getting used to importing textures into the game. Masked textures aswell, this will be useful as I would be able to put in detailed textures such as cobwebs and debris around the place.

Mine Level

I'm also hoping to make these levels unique aswell, so there's a strong contast between levels, which I'm aimming for, as you can see between the entrance. I've also made the levels very long aswell, so some levels would last for 10 or 15 minutes long (or more depending on skill), so the player (or you guys) can run for a bit and it takes some time to reach the end. I've already worked on the levels, so all I need to do is to just decorate them and make it look more like a mine.

The graphics may look date but that's the Unreal engine, I did everything I can to put as much shapes in the level. It's not easy, the editor crashes if I put alot of shapes in at once, so I'm surprised that I'm able to make something at least. Hopefully I got a few other ideas that I've worked on to make the mod worth playing and watching and I've already tested what I'm going to do. Now I just need to put them in the levels and work on them. That's a subject for another time.

Mine Level

Of course, these just being screens of the level geometry and textures that I've made. I'm working on model meshs however I like the models so much, that I'm going to keep it a surprise for those who download the mod when I release the Prologue. I'm also getting used to pointing this gun around. I think the revolver looks good instead of the original laser shooter in the original game. Makes the screenshots look better. I'm glad it fits and I hope you guys can agree with me on that one.

... and if you do like what I see and want to see more in the future as I release screenshots and movies, please track my mod. Thanks for the folks already watching by tracking this mod, stay tuned for other news I've set aside for the future with screenshots and movie footage.

Thanks for reading

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