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A MAJOR update for Undertale 2 has been released. If you still have an old build of the mod, I HIGHLY recommend you download the latest version as this version introduces several bugfixes.

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The changes included are as follows:

Addition - Added a failsafe. Similar to "dogcheck", this new failsafe checks when you enter a door if you're not supposed to be there yet, and then the failsafe activates.

Addition - Re-implemented an unused cutscene in "room_forest_puzzle1".

Optimization - Fixed remaining instances of missing button sprites.

BugFix - Fixed an issue with the main menu where in certain instances, text would remain highlighted even if not selected.

Improvement - Redesigned PS4 button sprites to account for overlapping issues.

BugFix - Fixed an issue where if a restart was initiated while the game was active, the game would reload both audio groups when not necessary.

Optimization - Improved randomizer function for Jevil battle music selection.

Improvement - Improved reset object to display actual text in the game window instead of only using the window caption.

Adjustment - Fixed instances where Music Volume would function incorrectly.

Tweak - Fixed a minor bug where the player would re-enter the Light World with the Hot Chocolate already in their inventory.

Addition - Added a legitimate purpose for ń̵͖̠͈̠̾̑͒̀ͅͅm̶͙̰̼̫̩̀̍͛̓̾d̷͖̠̝̬̫͋ͅl̸̫̦͕̪̝̯̑a̴̮͉̗͌̈́͆͝è̶͔̾̓̈͗͠ǐ̷̹̈̏̿̚l̵̩̈̆̂̆͂̇o̵̙͇͋̒͝ ̸͍̻̀͘̕͝͝ĺ̵͚̘̣̰̏̉̚͝͠d̷̨̪̈ͅȩ̶̭̬̻̇́̅͊̌͝ḡ̸̭̈̈̎ò̸̡͈͖̞̳̹̍͋̕͝͝n̸̩̟̥̞̦̑

Addition - Added a new function to "obj_splashscreen" where the player can now visit the Deltarune website along with the Undertale Steam Store page.

Improvement - Improved "fullscreen toggle" function to account for issues where the taskbar would overlap the bottom of the game window.


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