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New perspectives for the project, fresh media coming by the end of the month and open recruitment for all kind of artists.

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Hey everyone!

We haven't communicated a lot since this mod has been made public on ModDB, but we'd like to let you know that we are still working on it very hard. The mod has recently and successfully been ported to Source SDK 2013 and our team has been growing, which is offering us more freedom and opens brand new perspectives as for the development process. And we are very excited about it!

We are working on giving the mod a unique feeling by working on an enhanced gameplay over HL2's one and by implementing unique stuff. Underground to Escape now features original new NPCs creatures, sounds, music, alongside with unique detailed environments. Underground to Escape also features a unique background story and plot.

We are not willing to release more media at the time, because we're at this stage of development where everything is still in constant change, and we wouldn't want to show you things that are not going to be part of the mod.

On a side note, we are currently looking for all kind of artists to join us on the development. If you are interested in joining us and think you are experienced in one of the following domains, please contact us.

· voice actor
· choreographer
· programmer
· concept artist
· level designer
· particle artist
· texture artist
· 3d artist

Find out more about Team Banana Games and Underground to Escape on our official website

Shadowcat and Neurocactus

Shadowcat and Neurocactus

Old science complex


Just found out about this mod and, I must say, it looks very good. The concept seems odd and strange, but I have always liked something that doesn't make much sense and makes you wonder about everything around you. The enigma and madness are always intriguing and captivating.
Certainly looking forward to it and I'll be definitely watching this closely.

Just keep up the great work ;) Sounds and looks amazing !

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Holy crap, that alien-scorpion creature well holy ****.

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