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Hi guys! It's been 1 month and sorry to keep you waiting. After a few discussion with my partner. We decide to change fundamentally change the game play.

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Hi guys! It's been 1 month and I am really sorry to keep you waiting. After a few discussions with my partner. We decide to fundamentally change the game play as well as the direction of our studio. While the original idea is to make a top down management game (see embed video), the new game play would be a single/ local cooperation platformer. The video shows the game's progress in last month, training the new soldiers. There are still many things can't be confirmed yet. Although we will change the game play, the training session in our game will be simplified but not removed in our current plan. The new general game idea will be you can select 2(or possibly more) units to play in stages (The selected will be removed from training yard). From stages to stages you can unlock new soldiers.

Our website has been established, however not finished, we still working on it. If you would like to take a peek, please pay us a visit.

In the coming weeks, we will focus on talking the detailed game play before we continue to move on our development.

Until next time :D

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