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Undead Shadows has been updated to version 1.0.4 which includes lots of fixes and improvements as well as some new features.

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Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that Undead Shadows has been updated to version 1.0.4 which includes lots of fixes and improvements as well as some new features. Below is a complete change-log of this release:

-Added a disconnect button to the end game scoreboard as well as some text to let the player know the game is resetting
-Added the ability for players to be able to push zombies out of the way
-Added an orbit camera mode to new player connections. This replaces the free camera mode
-Added a mouse invert option in the controls tab in the options menu
-Added game tips to the loading menu that will help new players with important features and tips
-Added $50 to each players starting money count

-Updated the "Local Co-op" tag to "LAN Co-op" to be more clear
-Updated the game to export the preferences on Apply. If the game crashes, settings and login info wont be lost
-Updated the server database manager to update player stats when they leave a game
-Updated all tent models to remove the lines. Zombies and players were getting stuck on them too often
-Updated the main menu to not play a video in the background
-Updated the code for the end game scoreboard to be more optimized
-Updated Cornfield Country to be lighter
-Updated the night time values for both levels to make them both brighter
-Updated the zombies damage radius to 1.5 meters
-Updated the zombies hit points to 250 from 100 and the spiders to 300 from 100
-Updated the max AI to 25 from 40 - this will increase performance when in higher rounds
-Updated shotgun damage to 125
-Updated M24 damage to 300
-Updated rocket launcher damage to 400 with a damage radius of 20 meters
-Updated the zombie textures to make them more visible
-Updated the AI stuck code to be more reliable so that AI wernt getting infinitely stuck on objects
-Updated both levels navigation meshes to improve the chances of AI not getting stuck
-Updated the castle models to fix non-walkable areas

-Removed AI getting teleported around & getting nudged when stuck
-Removed the email and name option from the profile registration menu. Neither field was being used
-Removed the zombie specular maps - this will increase performance a little bit and they're not needed

-Fixed a bug that caused zombies to not play an animation when moving toward a player after playing an attack animation
-Fixed a bug that made zombies heads blow off at incorrect damage levels
-Fixed a bug that made the flashlight aim too low when looking straight ahead
-Fixed a bug that caused a false alert when registering an account saying invalid username when the passwords didnt match
-Fixed an issues that caused floating grass and corn in Country Cornfield

With this new release, we have made many changes to the AI and gameplay of Undead Shadows. While we did decrease the max number of zombies alive at once, we also increased the number of hits required to kill them as well as increased the distance at which they can damage you from. The overall goal for this update was to make the game more challenging and enjoyable.

What's next for Undead Shadows?
On our roadmap here is the short term we will be constantly updating the art assets used in the game to up the graphics level and each time we update the game we will be posting an announcement like this one.

Additionally, I will be releasing a level editor pretty soon to give people the ability to make their own levels as well as get the groundwork out for our modding package.

Things have been pretty slow on the PvP mod side but its getting close. The initial release will include 1 large level and the mod will support up to 15 people in a server at once.

Also a big announcement that Linux support is coming soon as well! The game engine that Undead Shadows uses (Torque 3D) is getting close to having a stable Linux platform, so when that day comes it won't be too much longer until Undead Shadows is available on Linux.

Thank you everyone for trying out Undead Shadows and I hope that this update fixes most of the issues everyone was having. Stay tuned, more to come!

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