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This is a complete listing of undead monsters so far completed or started...

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Undead- (x)=complete, (%)=% done, (>-<) = Boss
Headless skeleton +0xp (x)
Skeleton +1xp (x)
Skeleton warrior +2xp (x)
Undead Knight +3xp (x)
Skeletal Champion +5xp (x)
Skeletal Legionnaire +15xp (0%)

Spiked skeleton +2xp (x)
Bladed skeleton +5xp (x)
Razor Skeleton +8xp (60%)

Horned Skeleton +3xp (x)
Spined Skeleton +6xp (x)
Stab Skeleton +10xp (0%)

Zombie +2xp (x)
Decrepit Zombie +3xp (x)
Rotten Corpse (male) +4xp (x)
Rotten Corpse (female) +3xp (x)
Armored Zombie +6xp (x)

Mummy +2xp (x)
Ancient Mummy +3xp (0%)
Golden Mummy +5xp (x)
Royal Mummy +10xp (x)
Mummy Pharaoh +150xp (>-<)

Ghost Skeletons -- Same as others but xp is 2X
Faded form +1xp (0%)
Hollow form +3xp (0%)
Ghost +5xp (0%)
Ghost Warrior +10xp (x)
Banshee +5xp (0%)
Specter +8xp (0%)
Wraith +300xp (>-<)

Ghoul +5xp (x)
Festering Ghoul +10xp (x)
Ghoul Beast +25xp (x)

Undead Reasha Guard +12xp (x)
Undead Reasha Archer +10 xp (x)
Undead Reasha Mount +45 xp (50%)
Undead Horse +12xp (x)

Litch +100xp (x)
Power Litch +150xp (x)
The Litch King +500xp (x)(>-<)

Bone Demon +45xp (x)
Marrow Demon +80xp (x)

Vampire +10xp (0%)
Vampire knight +30xp (0%)
Elder Vampire +60xp (0%)
Vampire Lord +120xp (0%) (>-<)

Undead Snake +15xp (x)
Undead Darwin +24xp (x)
Undead Spider +36xp (x)
Undead Crab +84xp (x)
Undead Dragoon +84xp (x)
Undead Tentaclus +100xp (x)
Undead Thrasher +140xp (x)

Raider666 Author

And thats just the undead ones!!!

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Pretty cool.
Thats a lot of monsters...

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