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Roman Haas holds his fifth sermon with an audience of 55 members of the Devotion, a brand new movement to adapt to the effects of the Hyper Reanimation outbreak (zombie infection). The Devotion meets in a church for the first time. In the past members would sit outside on the ground, wherever their travels took them. Roman has led his new movement to a small town to hold, hopefully for several weeks. His sermon begins with an announcement for all to gather and listen.

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From our website/blog: Sermon 5
"Good day to all of the Devout. I am pleased to have you all gathered here, in this small town, in this small church. Our numbers are growing and our passion follows. You are all a very important part of something bigger than any of us could probably imagine today. Even I don't know where this new movement could take us. I'm pleased, to say the least. Our journey has not been easy, but we grow stronger in numbers, knowledge, and wisdom. Peace bonds us together and diligence strengthens our cause. A few months ago I spoke to a smaller portion of you, when the Devotion was springing to life. I explained how my life was changed by the wisdom of an old man in my path to understanding the afterlife. He spoke of a place called the Overworld: A place where all souls eventually end up. The Overworld is not a place like heaven or hell, but the combination of the two. Please, do not be troubled by these ideas and truths. For thousands of years humanity has searched for answers to our purpose in life in this world. We have developed countless religions, created our own, and even evolved some religions out of other, preexisting religions. I am here to tell you that we have strayed far from what has always mattered in all religions: The relationship we as individuals have with all of existence. I know this might be hard to understand and I know most of you might resist at first, but I've studied for some 15 years in libraries across a great distance of land in my travels, living in these dark times. I have amassed a great understanding of this world, which, over our time together I will share with all of you. As for the message I have for you all today, please be patient and listen earnestly. The Devine is the basis of our new way of life, as the Devout members of the Devotion. The Devine is not a god. The Devine is not an idol, figure, statue, or any other physical manifestation we can worship, praise, or give glory to. The Devine is our reference to the balance, dependance, and unity of all things. Let me explain these things more clearly. The Overworld is one of three realms where souls may eventually go. In order to have peace and prominence in the Overworld a soul must be righteous inasmuch as mortally possible. Only the most righteous souls are given higher status and power in the Overworld. Evil doers, as stated in many religions, will be poor while the righteous will be rich. the Overworld judges all souls on a level of righteousness. That is the most important thing to know as a member of the Devotion. The Devine is the vessel through which we will achieve our maximum potential of righteousness together. The Devine is the way to peace, solace, and eternal greatness. It might be easier to understand the Devine and the Devotion as one in the same. Our effort is to uphold the laws and ways of the Devotion, and to claim our victories through the name of the Devine, the essence of all things working together for the greater good of all things. A challenge to comprehend at first, but I will guide you all. And yet, I cannot leave you with just this information alone. It still seems too overwhelming and under-explained. It may be more difficult to accept for those who have already believed in another way of life. Remember Devout. All souls reach the Overworld. To get there with power we must live righteously. Otherwise, we will be week and useless in the Overworld, being forced into the oppression of souls stronger than our own. The guaranteed way to become powerful in the Overworld is to live righteously in this mortal realm. Yes, we may do this through many religions. However, a change in times calls for a change in the ways of life. We live in the time of the undead. This world is not our own anymore. I strongly believe that the Devine, the essence of all good in this realm has established this new sickness as a punishment and cleansing of evil on Earth. We have long been ensnared by the evils of our modern technology. We have become too dependent on technology and have forgotten peaceful ways of life. It's time we listen to our calling. It's time we work towards a better world and towards a better eternity. Please study my new, developing text, the Devont. Learn more about what I've told you today. You will find a great deal of my personal experiences blended strongly with my understanding of the Devine and the Overworld. Feel free to reach out to me for a deeper understanding, and let me know if you encounter any outsiders. We must grow our new found faith so that we extend peace and unity to this rotten, undead world. Go in solace."Hey everyone. Allen here. I took an hour or so writing this to better explain the Devotion through the eyes of the founder, Roman Haas. I hope you enjoy! If you do, please spread the word! The game, the Undead Castle will contain a lot of texts like this one, scattered throughout the town of Ryhart. You can read these texts to get a deeper understanding of the history of our game universe and the land of Unden. Or you can skip them. It doesn't matter, but in the game you might be led to pursue a different moral path based on your findings. Something to think about!Please share! Thanks for your support!

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