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We would like to introduce Roman Haas, the founder of the Devotion and the first King of Unden. To do this, we're going to start posting Sermons by Roman Haas. As a religious monarch similar to a theocracy, the Devotion began with Roman Haas gathering a following under a new way of life. Haas had a great loss to the infection in the year 2117 and develops his mind and soul to become the leader of over 10,000 survivors. The reign of the Devout lasts in Unden past 5431, when our game takes place.

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Roman Haas wakes everyone early to "preach" to them. This is one of his many Sermons. In our game, The Undead Castle, you will play as Ekor. You may search Ryhart (the town you play in) and find many journals, notes, notebooks, and other texts. Sermons will be of the more common texts you will be able to find. Enjoy!

I remember every morning I would wake to the sound of birds chirping outside my home. They never changed their plans. They never woke up one morning and decided not to chirp at the same exact time as the day before. They didn’t squander or stray from their life path. They woke up and sang every weekend while I was trying to sleep in. I did not have to wake. I did not have a job to go to or anything to tend to but my lawn. It was the weekend and the weekend was mine to relax. Then, the weekend was over and I would put my son on the bus to school and shuffle back to work.

We have long had a system and way of life, but that has been taken from us. Our Devine had led us here. He has led all of you forward to me. Your entire lifetime is set for this moment for you to hear my words and the words of my friends. I woke you so early to hear this message because I want you all to experience something important. Let’s not call this a lesson, but an experience for experience is observation of fact or event. Experience is gaining something to sharpen yourself.Now. Listen with me. Listen to the creatures surrounding us as they wake on what we used to call a Saturday morning.

Birds begin to chirp

Do you hear how they are so care free? Do you hear their diligence? They do not squander. They awaken each day just as they did the day prior. They will begin to search for branches and straw for their nests and worms for their bellies and infants. They will not change their ways from day to day. They will not decide to pick up a device and make an order for daycare, food delivery, or any other service. They themselves will do these things. They will experience what we have destroyed in the past. They will experience life as it was intended to be experienced.

My wisdom is no greater than what yours can be as the Devout sons and daughters of the Devine. The Devine is all things united peacefully with solace. We cannot squander in this dark age. We cannot stumble intentionally with the thought that we are achieving something great. Why do you think the birds, the bears, the fish in the sea, why do you think they continuously do the same things each day without change? Because it brings peace to their lives and souls! They do not have worries or troubles. They do not aim towards achieving useless goals.Let us live for the Devine in these ways. Let us go and become like the birds.You may depart.

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