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So, where do you start with developing the Alpha version of your game? We decided a room. Just as simple as one completely finished room. Everything in the game revolves around entering new rooms to find what's inside, may it be dead, living, or undead, food and supplies, rare items, or journals. Our game centers around entering different rooms to discover something new. Each will be unique, so we decided to start development with one room.

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To begin, we had our 3D artists crank out a bunch of furniture and fixture models for the room. We have our concept art in place and continue to work on a final look for the game. We plan on going with a look similar to EtherOne and the Walking Dead game. We'll likely use cell-shading to achieve the look, but we wanted the game to feel realistic looking and still like a game (hope that makes sense). Not too in your face, not too out of reach for us as a young indie team, and not so ugly you can't play it. But, a good mix. Once we achieve that, our textures will be placed, gameplay will be added, and we should have a workable Alpha within a few months!

I'm very reserved when giving away free details about the game. I'm one of those people who think I need a request from others before giving out information. I'd like a response! So I guess naturally, I will have to give out a bit of a teaser.

I've been writing a lot of secret backstory to the game, which will play a huge part in the player's decision to... Well.. Let's just keep things reserved and say the player must choose in the end how they wish to aid their beloved city Ryhart and how they can change the world.

The setting is 5431, some 3314 years after the so called Hyper Reanimation outbreak occurred. The HR outbreak, known "today" as the Sickness, triggered a downfall of all humanity. A group called the Devotion was formed and lead by Roman Haas. This dominating figure established Unden, the Land of the Undead and claimed that the Devine (a god like figure) cast the infection on humanity as a cleansing punishment. Haas set out to answer the punishment by changing the way humans interact. He claims that all modern tech should be destroyed and that all followers of his way (the Devotion) should turn away from desires of the modern world and live humble lives. He was successful and over 3000 years later, we now play in the world he created.

The world surrounding Unden is unknown. The land is bordered with undead, feeding off of the wildlife and seemingly never fading out. There are mysteries in our story that may be very hard to find answer to (but you will...). There is a history of over 3000 years people! We can't leave that out of the game! There will be secret journals, lost books of "ancient times" (our real present day), and folk lore telling of past times and the way the world was changed so much.

My name is Allen Lambert. I'm the owner of Broken Limits Media LLC and I'd like to hear your response! I have so much more to share, but I'm picky with whom I share. Are you interested in playing this game, with innovative gameplay and deeper than imaginable stories? Help us reach the top 100 on IndieDB and I'll spill the beans on as much as I possibly can.

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