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Hey guys welcome to Unchained Studios. "Where games come alive." I will just give you a little run down on what's going on.

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Hey guys and thanks for taking the time to read this little news post. Well first off I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bailey. I am head of the game studio known as Unchained Studios. I would also like to say that I am interested in finding some new talent for my studio's game project. Here is the game design document if anyone wants to read it.


Created by: Bailey Wheatland

Studio name: Unchained Studios

Slogan: “Where games come alive.”

Genre: First-Person Shooter/ Third-Person Shooter

Platforms: PC and Xbox 360(possibly)

Rating: M (Mature) For blood and gore violence, and language

Pay: None (perhaps if we sell the game there will be pay)

Positions I need filled at the moment: concept artists, modelers, website designers (who know Flash or CSS), story boarders, and at least one co-writer

Goal: The goal here is to make an amazing game that will give dinosaur games a better name than what they already have. Hopefully if people are dedicated enough to this project we will see it to the end. I would also like to give this game a unique style of gameplay that will change the out look on current shooters today.

Game Engine: I’m still on the fence about this one. I was thinking about using the Unreal Development Kit, but I’m considering that we do a mod of the Crytek Engine or UT3 since this is our first game as a studio.

Style: I want the style of this game to be very similar to Turok or Gears of War. As you can already figure out I want this game to look very realistic. I also want a horror factor in this game.

Why should I join Unchained Studios? You would get to work with some really dedicated people and have fun developing this game. It would look good on a resume. You would also gain some education on game development along the way.

Who are you? Some background would be nice to let us know we are not dealing with a silly kid with a crazy idea about great a ambitious project. My name is Bailey. I’ve been in the 3D modeling field for about 10 months now. I know it doesn’t seem that long, but I am a very quick learner when is comes to game development. I’ve been using the 3D modeling software known as Blender3D. You can see my current WIP project here ( I’m currently studying dinosaur anatomy and the structure of the human face. You can also see that I am somewhat of a concept artist. There is much to improve on my skills though. Keep in mind that I will be learning alongside you guys. This way it can be a learning experience for all of us.

Why do you want to start a game studio in the first place? Well it all started back when I was around the age of 8. I have always loved games and had a drive to make one someday. One day I thought to myself wouldn’t it be cool if I could make my own video game that all my friends could play? I started brainstorming and it all started with this idea. You could say this game idea has been in development for several years now.

What is “Wreckage” about? Well the game is set in the year 2025. I originally had the main character’s name my name, but some people told me that was a bit narcissist. I still think it would be cool to have my name be the name of the main character’s, but I’ll leave that up to further debate. Back on topic. Wreckage opens up with a battle cinematic set in the Sahara Desert. The two halves of the world are pitted against each other all because of a violation of a peace treaty. The two sides are the United Forces(United States, Europe, and China) and the Corrupt Powers(Japan, Russia, and Germany). The United Forces are almost completely wiped out due to the construction of a weapon the Corrupt Forces has manufactured called a Sky Lance(working title). The Sahara Desert scene ends with the 40 story Sky Lance slowly moving toward the small army and completely annihilates it. The cinematic then goes to the United Forces headquarters’ conference room. There all the world leaders are trying to come up with a last ditch effort to try and defeat the Corrupt Powers. They decide that they cannot construct a weapon to counter act the mass killing weapon so they have to switch to a new alternative…dinosaurs. This plan backfires when the dinosaurs grow to massive sizes and go out of control. Seeing that the entire human race is in jeopardy now the Corrupt Powers and the United Forces must put the war at hold to defeat this new menace. Jumping ahead 10 years you play as a new recruit who has just entered the heat of battle with these creatures. He was originally a stranded man fighting for his very survivor until the (new organization which is the name for the combined armies now) comes and saves him from narrowly being eaten by a pack of Saber Raptor(working title). You are then given a squad and must fight to put an end to this war. You will be sent on several missions and you will experience a very heavy storyline.

If I were to want to join Unchained Studios how would I go about doing so? Would you need a portfolio of some sort? Yes I would most definitely like a link to your portfolio and your previous works.

What would you propose we do about staying in contact with each other as a team? I would say we should use Skype. It’s a great instant messaging program and it’s free. My username is “dudeman951” on there.
When would you plan to release “Wreckage” if completed? Well I want this game to look as best as possible so maybe 2 to 3 years at the most.

What kind of dinosaurs can we expect to see in “Wreckage?” You can expect very scary and unique dinosaurs in this game. Think of the how scary the dinosaurs are in “Turok 2008”. Now think of that 3 times scarier. I plan to have a 500 foot tyrannosaurus in this game that goes by the codename of T-Wrecks. I also plan to have velociraptors in this game that are better than their prehistoric counter parts in everyway. The current name for the velociraptors are Saber Raptors. They will be really bulky in muscle and they will be about the same size as normal velociraptors are. I also plan to have a couple more carnivorous dinosaurs in this game.

Wait so in “Wreckage” we won’t see the normal everyday dinosaur? No you will not. The dinosaurs in this game will be more blood thirsty and much bigger than the dinosaurs we know and love.

What kind of weapons do you plan on having in “Wreckage”? I’ve done some sketches of some weapons and I really want the weapons in this game to be bulky as well as the dinosaurs. This is where the gameplay gets really great. I plan to have hand blades in your super suits that you will be in. I still have to develop a name for them, but the main color scheme will be black and dark grey with hints of red in some places. I also plan to have throwing knifes that lock onto dinosaurs’ heads (possibly exploding knives). I also plan on having a couple machine guns as well. Hopefully I can get 23 or more weapons in this game.

What did you mean by super suits? Are you talking about suits that give you superhuman abilities? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. You will be able to do some hand to claw combat with these dinosaurs. These suits are going to be somewhat similar to the G.I. Joe super suits you can see here. In these suits you will be able to briefly run on the sides of buildings, jump over obstacles as big as a car. You will also be able to perform melee attacks with your hand blades such as stabbing a dinosaur several times and then stabbing it in the head.

What kind of maps do you plan to have in “Wreckage”? I already have some cool ideas for some maps. The story takes place mostly in Chicago so you will be able to go through skyscrapers and other buildings. I also plan to have a desert map, a sewer map, and a jungle map.

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