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We round up all the sweet Let's Plays of UNBOX, and announce a hotfix coming soon for UNBOX Pre-Alpha 1.0!

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Let's See The Let's Plays!

Since appearing at Rezzed, Insomnia54 we've had some glorious YouTube reviews! A massive thank you to everyone who has already played UNBOX on camera. Remember, we give anybody permission to play and monetise videos of UNBOX being played as long as you mention us (Prospect Games!) and how great we are.

Don't forget you can download the UNBOX Pre-Alpha 1.0 right here! Awesome.
UNBOX Pre-Alpha 1.2 DEMO (Windows Only)


UNBOX was one of those games Platform32 really liked but just didn't have enough time to talk about in his recent 'Most wanted indie games' video on
Check out what UNBOX is all about and watch some exclusive gameplay, right here, right now. Or he'll box your ears!

That Dyspraxic Guy

In this video ThatDyspraxicGuy plays through the first set of Singleplayer levels available in UNBOX - some Tutorial Levels! The controls and mechanics of the game are also helpfully explained and demonstrated.


Along with Bersekrer, Beany081 and "Matt", Scarbeus plays through every multiplayer level over a 4-part series; each video is centered on one of four game modes: Race, Collect, Deathmatch and Oddball. Fireworks are fired, and friends are lost!

Hotfix Incoming!

While the Pre-Alpha build we released last week seems to be pretty stable, we'll be uploading an updated version very very soon, that should be a smaller download AND fix a whole bunch of stuff you didn't even know was broken.

  • Fixed weird issues with missing Cast-Off boxes, and missing Aftermatch player boxes.
  • UI improvements for resolutions that aren't 1920x1080.
  • Black Hole weapon now pulls people in like only a Black Hole should.
  • Safe now stops spawning ducks when the game has ended.
  • Updated gameplay descriptions that were out of date or just plain wrong.
  • Aftermatch screen now tells people real (but irrelevant) stats about the game just played.
  • Created a much nicer introduction to the game that can be skipped.
  • Loads of small things that we won't list here!

And because we're pretty great, enjoy some new screenshots of what will be UNBOX Pre-Alpha 1.01!

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