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Update on the UN Cosmo Navy ship model work for early game.

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Good evening folks, just a small update here! For those that are now following the mod, you guys are awesome and your comments are epically encouraging! Thank you so much for your interest!


At this time, the model work for the EARLY GAME vessels have been completed. However this does not mean texture work is done but at this time the models themselves are done. Below are the model previews within the Blender. In the coming days I shall be working on getting them ready to be inserted into the Sins game with Hardpoints and all that fun stuff that is too technical for even myself to list fully here!


Yamato Teaser

The Yamato-class Battleship will function as a Capital class vessel that is armed to the teeth with five tri-barreled Shock Cannon long range artillery, 16 dual barrel Pulse Laser anti-fighter guns, six forward launching torpedo tubes, six aft launching torpedo tubes, twelve smoke-stack vertical launch missile tubes and her forward single fire Wave Motion Gun. A fighter compliment of 6 Cosmo Falcon fighters and one Cosmo Zero fighter. The Yamato can stand toe to toe with small fleets of ships but can be quickly overpowered if not supported by other vessels. She is also capable of launching survey ships to establish colonies for Earth.



The Izokaze Class Frigate. Built in the Early years of the Gamilon War, the Isokaze class functioned as a Missile Frigate. Capable of rapid movement and long range missile attacks, the Isokaze-class is still used to this day as short range defense of Earth and her colonies. She is equipped with three forward facing missile tubes, one upper tri-barreled light cannon, and one lower tri-barreled light cannon. Sacrificing armor for speed the Isokaze can quickly close the gap between targets however is easily destroyed even under the lightest of fire.



The Murasame class was used as an early Cruiser platform, bridging the gap between the Kongo and Isokaze class ships. Sporting two upper dual barrel cannons, one lower dual barrel light cannon, and two missile launchers the Murasame was considered to be a ship of the line until the Gamilon War peaked and the majority of the UN Cosmo Fleet was destroyed prior to the Yamato's trip to Iscandar. The Murasame works well as a ship of the line and should be considered to be a go-to ship for providing support to larger cruiser and capital class vessels.



The Kongo-class served as the UN Cosmo Navy's Battleship during the Gamilon War, serving additionally as a carrier for Cosmo Falcon fighters. The Kongo despite it's formidable firepower, Gamilon ships could easily overpower and destroy these ships from distance. However, after the construction of the Yamato, the Kongo would be retrofitted with weapons based on the Yamato's and would be able to stand toe to toe even against even the largest of Gamilon vessels. She is equipped with two upper tri-barrel medium cannons, two lower tri-barrel medium cannons, twenty-eight upper launch missile tubes, fourteen lower launch missile tubes, and various small arms anti-fighter weapons.


For now this is what represents the early game vessels of the UN Cosmo Navy. However, we fully intend to include the Andromeda, Dreadnaught, Lexington-carrier, D-Class, Antares-carrier, Battle Satellite, Cosmo Falcon, Cosmo Zero, and Cosmo Tiger to the line-up. Each will have their own strengths and weaknesses.

It is unknown at this time what the FULL line-up for the Gamilon, Comet Empire, Bolar Federation, and Dark Nebula Empires will have for ships and stations. But rest assured, decisions will be made and you will be updated! Thank you for your time, patience, and continued support!

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