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Version 1.0 Release. uMod is now a quality of life mod that retains vanilla gameplay. All gameplay-altering and balancing changes have been removed.

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This is Olde. Today UberFoX and I are pushing out a version 1.0 release of uMod for Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000.

This latest version has come from lots of deliberation over the gameplay and balance changes made in 2016. UberFoX worked incredibly hard coding and implementing many changes that I felt would benefit the game. Ultimately it didn’t pan out that way, and the mod suffered for the inclusion of many things that I thought would help relieve what I felt were long-standing and fixable problems. It took a long time to recognize that the gameplay changes we had included altered too much, and weren’t fun for players who disagreed with one or more changes, and weren’t fun for people when there were modded and unmodded versions of the game in the same match.

For those reasons, all of uMod’s gameplay changes have been removed and we have salvaged the quality-of-life aspects of the mod to make it as close to vanilla AvP’s gameplay as possible. The gameplay and balancing changes didn’t sit right with people, they created too much disagreement, and ultimately the game didn’t feel like AvP anymore. By cutting the mod down significantly, I think we have turned uMod into something that people will find almost universally of benefit. The following are the list of removals:

  • Alien Balancing (New Alien Mobility, Alien Wall Unsnagger)
  • Marine Balancing (“No Weapon Jamming,” Pulse Rifle Bullet and Grenade Damage Increase, Proxy Mine Removal, Skeeter Launcher change, Pistol Damage Increase, Reload Button)
  • Predator Balancing (Health Change, Wristblade change, Pistol change, Disc change, Reverse Cycle Vision Mode)
  • Item-Tripping Removal
  • Higher NPC Damage in single-player

The following is a list of quality of life features that version 1.0 retains:

  • “Complex” Species Changer
  • Spectator Mode
  • Observer Mode
  • Bot Loader
  • Enhanced Coop (Toggleable)
  • Species Chat Fix
  • Customizable Hotkeys
  • Public Announcement about Using uMod
  • uMod Scoreboard Info

Version 1.0 of uMod is available here on ModDB and also at

You can still use the old version(s) of uMod, however, the newest version has the greatest benefit, so going forward we obviously recommend using that.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact UberFoX or myself.



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