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Updates: Wristblade improvement, server announcement, disc bug fix.

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This release was meant to be a small and simple fix for the predator "disc steal" bug (which is a bug in the original AvP), however, it took far longer than expected to fix it. So in the meantime, a few other features were added.

Disc Bug Fix: If somebody steals your disc, you will now get your disc back (so both players have a disc... no new discs are ever spawned since it only gives you back what you lost) and there is no more getting stuck in the disc screen or not being able to switch to other weapons.

Wristblade Improvement: The wristblade's primary fire damage has been increased by 200%, so it is now actually a viable weapon and not totally useless. The blade's secondary fire damage is unchanged. Additionally, you can now keep the wristblade charged for as long as you wish, ready to deliver a strike even minutes after initially holding it down.

Server Announcement: You will automatically send a message when you join a server informing others that you are using uMod. The message reads: "Hello there everybody! I am using uMod so I may be weaker or stronger than normal."

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