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New Features: UMOD console command, Predator Rebalance - Disc, Species Changer altered, Bug notes.

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uMod Pre-Alpha 0.5 released! Get it here:

New Features:

UMOD console command: UMOD, when typed into the console, will request all users in the server send confirmation they are using UMOD (this is automatic both ways). By doing this, you can quickly find out who is using uMod and which version number to know they are playing with the improvements.
(NOTE - To non-uMod users these messages will look like gibberish just tell them to get uMod)

Predator Rebalance - Disc: The disc will no longer auto-aim or track enemies even if they are highlighted in your vision mode. This means you will need to be accurate to get kills. Additionally, we have disabled the auto-weapon switch to speargun (or wristblade if you're out of spears). Essentially we have created a new "weapon" that functions as a placeholder when you have thrown the disc. Normally when you throw the disc, the pred automatically switches to the speargun, HOWEVER, with this most recent update you will stay with the "Disc" weapon but visually see your arms disappear. You will stay with this "weapon" until A) you recall the disc, B) you pick retrieve the disc from wherever it landed, or C) switch to a different weapon. This process makes firing the disc a lot less tedious and also speeds it up because you're not constantly switching weapons. As a side note, you can manually change to any weapon you want once you've thrown the disc. This is an aspect of the uMod's passive Predator Rebalance feature and cannot be disabled.

Changed Features:

Species Changer: The cooldown period has been lowered from 90 seconds to 45 seconds.

Bug Notes: There is a bug that can cause a crash after changing to a Predator from a Marine/Alien (rare but it can happen).

Please test the mod out for yourself and leave us comments, suggestions, and feedback!

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