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Please use the official website for bug and comment support. :) Enjoy the release!

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Please contact Sgthaarde if you have any suggestions, tips or new ideas for our mod. You can do the same if you want to help out.

Fixed Download Link
Download Now(Beta 8)

Official Website: Stalker-Gaming.Com
Publisher: Stalker-Gaming
Developer: Koene007 Creations
Version: 1.0 Beta 8

-Carry weight has been increased to 200KG's. You're in top form.
-[FIX]Heckler & Koch MP5 skin made, now an more realistic version. (Re-Skinned)
-Changed some of the weapon names to the real names.
-Beard and the other Trader's is almost selling everything.
-Upgrades for Weapons and Armor is unlocked from beginning of game,
without the need for all these tools.
-Exoskeleton price has been increased to 75000, due to a better
armor and nightvision has been added to it.
-[FIX]Decreased the start money again, you'll start with 5000.
-[FIX]Re-Skinned Heckler & Koch G36 Skin, look's alot better.
-Number of Squads Spawned has been increased.
-[FIX]FN2000 Assault Rifle has increased Rate of Fire and better scope.
-[FIX]New Ground textures, including new "Leaves" texture.
-New "None-Wooden" AKSU weapon skin.
-New Colt and Beretta Pistol skins, darker and more detailed. Smiley
-[FIX]Made Flashlight a bit better, longer range light but a smaller
-[FIX]New Bandit skins, for every "Bandits", re-colored and added new
camo. Umbrella Corp. skin.
-Every tree and grass has been re-colored, to make it more green
and "none-dead" looking. Also known as green forest. Ground textures
has completely new Texture.
-Added Bandit (Umbrella Corp.) skin.
-F1 Grenades made a bit more powerful, also increased the blast
-New Desert Eagle weapon skin added. I really like it myself,
with the realistic look and wooden "Handle" - Made by Sgthaarde.
-[FIX]New Mercenary Umbrella Corp. skin. Also made with camo.
-Re-Scripted the MP5 and F2000 weapon files, increased accucary and bullet speed.
-[FIX]The MP5 you start with got an attached silencer.
-The Novice stalker suit is now much more cheap to upgrade.
-Added alot more creatures and stalker that will spawn in the zone, also there's bigger squads.
-All shotguns has been made more powerful.
-[FIX]wincheaster1300 has been added to inventory from start.
-[FIX]New Ground Terrain "Plant" texture, much better than the old one.
-New water textures, made it more realistic.
-Increased the field-of-view distance in cloudy and clear weather. Made about 5 times longer sight...
-All weapons will now sway while you aim. (Atleast a bit more than before)
-More sway while you run, it makes a realistic feel.
-New lr300 skin, made it darker and some new metal textures.
-[FIX]Fixed the respirator helmet, nightvision and upgrade text has been added.
-Made 2 different startup files, so you can choose equipment from Normal to Heavy.
-[FIX]Increased the weapon aim sway, again to make it more realistic from previous versions.
-New sig550 skin, darker and somekinda new texture. I do like it, not sure if you do.
-[FIX]You now start with no weapons and you got 30000 in your pocket to start with, so you can buy the weapons you need.(This is choosable)

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