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Our Kickstarter is live, and has already raised more than $85000 in 72 hours!

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It has been an amazing first 72 hours for us!

We already have raised more than $85,000 in 72 hours. A massive thanks to the 2700+ backers, which is a very strong start for our small indie development team! We really want to thank everyone who has supported our campaign and voted for us on Steam Greenlight! Please, spread the word and share our game with your friends, on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit!

Bringing the game to the state where is it today was hard work, guided by passion and love for a universe we would like to bring to life. It is a great achievement for us to see that gamers are ready to help us to achieve our vision and also, seeing Umbra featured on many video game websites and receiving the support from the legendary Brian Fargo on Twitter has been an incredible event for us!

Apocalytpic Form at night

We hear what you're saying, and we understand that some of you are curious to see what our stretch goals are, and what the amounts for said stretch goals will be. At this time, we're completely focused on getting the campaign funded and feel that revealing stretch goals so early in the campaign is not the way to go, but rest assured that you WILL get to see them soon.

As for gamepad support, here is the current status: There is an early implementation of pad and Xbox controller in the game. However, this implementation is not fully complete, and would require more work to fulfill. This is why pad/xbox controller support has been set as a stretch goal, we want to do things properly and not just give you a slap dash port of controls. We want it to feel right, natural if you will and this will require time to develop, especially the menu systems for spells and actions.

About DRM, yes, there will be a no-DRM version of Umbra for Kickstarter Backers! This is on top of the Steam backers you'll all get for your pledge (so don't forget to vote on our Steam Greenlight page).

Linux version? Yes we will support it!

And before we go, we also want to mention that Umbra is now a Kickstarter Staff Pick! This is in great part because of all of the support you've shown us during the first day of our campaign, so thanks!

IrregularDave and AbilityDrain play our GDC prototype demo. Check out their reaction:

AbilityDrain 's video:

IrregularDave's Video:

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