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Cyberstone Arts' first announcement, and definetly not the last one. We are now ready to announce our first game, a horror game made in the CryENGINE 3.

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Hey readers!

Backstay here with Cyberstone Arts' first game announcement, as well as the first content released on our Mod DB group. We have, in all secret, been working on a horror game in the CryENGINE 3 for a few months now. The development started back in August 2012, and we now think that we are ready to announce it public.

The game will be called Umbra, and is a horror game. The player will play as a new journalist called Shaun Roddy who is being sent to make his very first article. Shaun has been sent out to an old abandoned place called Fallenville. In the middle of Fallenville is an old haunted mansion from the dark ages. The mansion was owned by an old noble family from the middle ages/dark ages who suddenly died by an unknown disease.

Shaun is sent to Fallenville and is told to get as much information about it as possible. Fallenville's size is average, and there are more buildings, spots and things to discover. Villages, a farmhouse, a mountain and several markable locations for the player to discover.

The game is set during night time, so the player must make it through with a flashlight, and can eventually find batteries around the map. There will be a few monsters who will haunt the player. Almost each location will have it's own monster who will haunt the player and pop up at some times. The mansion will hopefully be the only place with it's whole own level and a loading screen. There will be traps, random scary events and scare music inside the mansion, such as cracking walls and doors, falling paintings, wind and more.

More information will be revealed later on, thank you for reading :)

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