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The UAC department of advertising of departments presents : RIP AND TEARING HUGE GUTS. NOW WITH BIGGER FUCKING GUNS

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What are you waiting for? If you never played Brutal Doom in your life, or you want a refreshed Brutal Doom with lots of features and new visuals and shit, without needing to download a million mods and sources, GRAB THIS!

Includes :

Remade Doom 2 maps

New textures from Fearrific and Hexen 2 across all levels

New sounds from PSX Doom, Doom 3, Doom 3 Alpha and CS 1.6

New HD sprites for items

Modified version of Brutal Doom Sperglord Edition

Regenerative health up to 30 health

Destroyable dead bodies

Brand new weapons

Full compatibility with FreeDoom


More gore

Extremely brutal gameplay

Easy to use install method

Legally free to use

If these alone doesn't convince you, what will?!

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