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A development update, and a mod recruitment effort!

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Thanks everyone for your patience!

I have been busy with school and have been persistently sick over the past week or more, but development continues I assure you! I never anticipated that I would be modding like this, but now we have Rhovanion's roster finished, and about half of Ered Luin's roster is now completed as well. Additionally there are four additional maps (on top of the two that are in the first test build).

Because modelling and texturing themselves are currently outside of my wheelhouse, if there is anyone interested in contributing textured models, maps, artwork, etc. We are looking for that sort of work. In addition, we are also looking for dedicated model creators, graphic artists, and people to either set up clans, or else preexisting clans to join in the UCM team to be pre-release testers and host future tournaments, and future custom scenarios etc.

Know that until we get an official model creator, we will be considering models from anyone who wants to contribute, but at this stage, we're especially interested in textured model contributions for the following factions:

-Dwarves of Ered Luin: Ered Luin in UCM are intended to be a less "elite", less armed and armored, but more well rounded faction of Dwarves compared to Erebor, Khazad, or the various Orocarni Dwarven factions that exist out there. Ered Luin's low and mid-tier are going to be most of their damage dealing units, with only one elite choice being a particular melee monster. So at this point I'm looking for Dwarves that are in chain-mail, partial plate, or even just leather armor!

-Witch Realm of Angmar: Angmar in UCM are intended to be a mix of Gundabad Orcs and evil men. While we know that Angmar made extensive use of wildmen, we're currently looking for intimidating evil numenoreans similar to the Castellans of Dol Goldur as seen in Divide and Conquer for example. In UCM, we're assuming that the Witch Realm would have harbored a small but elite population of Numenoreans of Arnor that would have defected over the centuries-long wars between Angmar and Arnor (or Arnor's petty kingdoms).

In the future, we will also be interested in models for:

-Ice Tribes of Lossoth: this one is likely to be a V2.0 not for awhile yet.

Finally, we're also interested in graphic artists who may want to contribute for:

-An Ultimate Compilation Mod Logo

-Ultimate Compilation Mod Faction Logo UI (especially for Ered Luin, Rhovanion)

-Loading Screen Art

-Faction Banners (especially for Ered Luin, Rhovanion)

If you're even remotely interested in contributing or in joining the UCM team, you can find me on the official UCM Discord:

I will hopefully be posting image updates of new maps, the two new factions, and all new units soon so keep your eyes open for another article!

Until we meet again for another adventure!


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