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Since reaching beta we have focused primarily on updating our UI. After a couple #ScreenshotSaturday posts we believe we have it nailed down and are working to put it into the game. We are also redesigning our progression system into its final form. We'll soon do our final round of playtesting before release.

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Last month we announced that we have reached the beta stage of our game Techno Dash. In the weeks afterwards we have focused primarily on creating the new UI look in the game. We posted them during #ScreenshotSaturdays the last few weeks to get feedback on our progress and we also uploaded them in the Images Section of our IndieDB page and our Devblog.

All of these images are still in the mockup stage however we are planning to import them into the game this week so we can go to the next stage: our final playtest. We want to thank everyone who played Techno Dash test builds for giving us the great feedback to make the game better. It would have never looked the way it is today without it.

One other thing we worked on is creating a better progression system. Initially we had the player level up but we learned that if we kept that system the player would find themselves reaching the 'end game' quickly where everything is unlocked. If we try to balance it we would run into the other problem where a player would have all the bits in the world but no upgrades available to him. We decided to change that system so the player would earn upgrade points and then use those to unlock anything he/she wishes.

Next news we'll announce our exact release dates by platform!

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