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After the Romulan Star Empire has conquered the Alpha Quadrant (Federation Colonies), Pilots were forced to stay outside. The United Federation of Planets couldn't wait any longer and took back what was theirs. After a Battle without high casualties on Federation Site, the romulans have retreated.

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The Alpha Quadrant was taken by the Romulan Star Empire after the Ships on the Romulan
and one on the Federation side were destroyed. There are no proof positives which one fired first.
Only what is known, that someone entered the Neutral-Zone first what undermined the
Romulan-Federation Neutral Zone Treaty.

Negotiations have gone bad. Ships were destroyed.
Escalating negotiations ended with battles in Omicron Theta near Freeport 11.
There were many dead on both sites.

The UFPS couldn't let this happen and had to make the Romulans feel, how far they have gone.
On the 15th Dec.08 they mobilised their fleet and engaged the romulan ships in the Alpha Quadrant.

Here is the log of the Captain SMF

We entered the Alpha Quadrant with no immediate challenge from the Romulan forces. After gathering our fleet around the Sector 001 Jump Gate we set course for Caleb IV. We received no challenge from the Romulan's until we were approximately 75k from the Outpost. [ROM]Suran attacked our fleet. We dropped from warp and engaged him, we quickly disabled his ship with no damage taken by the fleet. Within visual range of the Outpost we encountered [ROM]Mandak (correct me on the spelling if it's wrong). Captain O'Brien quickly engaged and disabled his ship, however he was able to fix his vessel and attack our fleet 2 more times until he was destroyed. The Romulan's then retreated back into the Neutral Zone.

We were therefore able to take back our colonies without any major damage to our fleet. Our border is now back in affect in the Alpha Quadrant.

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