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By NeFurRii, you can find the article at the game's official website (Link inside the article)

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By NeFurRii, you can find the article at

Our chief graphics artist had to temporarly stop working on the project due to personal issues. Although he will be back, it may take some time. Also, we weren’t able to find anyone to help with sound so far. (Re)Creation of game content has come to a stop, thus we are looking for people that could help us with one of the following:

- Remaking the original terain and unit tiles (graphics)

- Remaking/rerecording/editing free sound effects to replace the game’s sounds with better quality and to simply have a distribution not requiring extracting any files

- Composing new music for the game that would match the original’s spirit

Of course its a free project, so except a place in the credits and satisfaction from work, you can not expect anything. On the other hand, we expect from you (in order of importance starting from the most important):

- Free time (and not “maybe I will have time or maybe not”. As much as we appriciate everyone’s attempt at helping us, undertaking a task and not delivering results creates chaos in team’s organisation)

- Some talent. Its a fan made game, so we obviously have lesser expectations as to quality of work compared to commercial games, non the less, a person only capable of doing some simple strokes in paint program/randomly adding dings and dongs in music composer should really reconsider if players will like the end result.

- Some work experience/knowledge of game mechanics/file formats used in the game/ techniques of making resources for games and general computer knowledge. This point is the least important, but it helps in communication.

Anyone who would like to help us and participate in the project, please contact us via e-mail, forum or irc. Irc would be the best way to communicate later, so would be good if the candiate could use it, but its not a requirement. If possible, please give us some examples of your previous work.At the same time, i’d like to say that next patch is in the works, but i’ve been busy lately with other stuff, and only about 10% of planned fixes/additions has been made so far. Its a good opportunity for graphics/sound deparments to catch up a bit. 0.97 will be released eventually, but not soon.

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