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Wanna learn how to do more then you're usual basics in UDK? well read on...

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This is Marc1k1 here project lead on WotW Game, Currently I'm learning how to map properly on the UDK and I must say thanks to Raven on youtube its going very VERY well :)

If you would like to be able to use the UDK Engine more (And possibly go on to Map for our Game! :D or make a mod are something cool) then please visit his youtube channel and start learning! He does everything in steps so its easy to follow.

Raven's Youtube Channel:

have to warn you thought, This isn't like the vauge-ness tutorial that he had done for the UDK Engine Moddb page its how to do more then just your basic build a block here and done currently I'm learning how to use the 'Fracture' tool which (and keep this under you're hat!) WILL be in the WotW game I promise that, Mostly because this tool is just too cool to leave out.I hope you enjoy his tutorials, Because they are A++!

Also! Check out these tutorials too, Haven't tried them myself but I hear that they are more indepth then Ravens:

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