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A mod update with future patch and test build developments!

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Welcome again, I hope you are enjoying our adventure!

I'm pleased to tell you that a new alpha test build patch will be coming soon! We have had a consistent core of ~50 people downloading each test build patch which has me thrilled! Let's get that up to 100, infinity, and beyond!

The next test build patch will be uploaded within the next week or so. This will feature the following overall changes:

-NEW FACTION: Dol Guldur!

-Major overhaul to Lindon's roster

-Minor changes to Cardolan's roster

-Minor changes to Rhudaur's roster

-Minor changes to Gondor's roster

-Minor changes to Mordor's roster

-Minor changes to Dol Amroth's roster

-Minor changes to Imladris' roster

-Minor changes to Lothlorien and Mirkwood rosters!

-Minor changes to Rhun's roster!

-Potentially some minor changes to Arthedain's roster (I can't remember what was in the last test build patch XD)

-A new Battle of the Five Armies scenario (provided I haven't misplaced it somewhere!)

-A new set of loading screens

-The removal of the Third Age Reforged intro movie

I hope you're as thrilled as I am to see these changes! I can tell you that I will be asking my team and my contributors to help me with the following for the test build to follow (the one after the build being announced here):

-there will only be one more test build to follow this build's release

-we will add one more faction for the next test build: either Enedwaith or Lossoth (most likely Enedwaith because we don't yet have assets for Lossoth)

-we will have new projectiles

-we will have a new intro movie

-we will have new loading screens

-we will have new scenarios

-we will have at least 3 new maps

-we will be hosting frequent tournaments

Finally, just so that you all don't just think that I'm some dude in my parent's basement throwing junk together, I have got the developers of the Third Age Reforged and Silmarillion Total War submods advising me. We have a growing community with frequent updates, and a friendly multiplayer scene! So come join us!


Until we meet again for our next adventure!


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