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This article gives an update regarding the upcoming v5 test build patch of the Ultimate Compilation Mod

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Hello again!

Welcome again to the next chapter of our adventure! I am developing this mod as rapidly as I can, so I will need to ask you all to be patient with me. I can update you all that we will have our 5th and final test build patch release just around the corner! This upcoming patch will feature the Clans of Enedwaith as our new faction!

If you have heard that it was going to be the Ice Tribes of Lossoth, fear not! You did indeed hear correctly! We were working on a few different units for Lossoth and ran into a load of problems with them, so we decided to scrap them for now, replace them with Enedwaith as originally planned, and we *will* add them into the mod in time for our first official v1 release!

Going forward after the final test build patch release, you are likely not going to hear from me for awhile as my personal life is anticipated to pick up again over the next few months, and the addition of another faction will require a whole load of work (much more work than it has to this point for a host of technical reasons that I won't get into here). Saying that though, if there is anyone out there who knows how to edit game menus, we need to be able to make enough space for one more faction! A large portion of time will need to be dedicated to polishing the mod up (adding unit cards, making maps and scenarios, making new units, reworking rosters, etc.), but I do aim to have the first official version release done by sometime near the end of the year if not earlier. If that changes I will try to write another article providing another update about what in the timeline is scheduled to change.

Now about Enedwaith!

-Not much is written regarding Enedwaith, so much of their roster will be fan-fiction

-Will have a small roster focused on poison-arrow archers and shock infantry

-Will have minimal cavalry, and few spears

-Will be weak to ranged and cavalry charges

-Units will be divided up into 3-4 clans (still working that part out). One of those clans will be the Heodnari (a beast-hunter themed clan) and they will have ap weapons and bonuses against wargs/camel-type mounts.

-One of the other clans will be the pictarri, which will feature your more "basic" roster...i.e. probably your only spear unit, and one of your only cavalry units.

-A third clan will be the Manxtali, (the aggressive warrior clan) who will provide most of your shock infantry. These guys are absolute demons in melee!

-Finally, the fourth tentative clan, the Rúatani, (these are a druid themed clan who are the infamous druedain). They will chant to boost morale and deplete the enemy's morale, and will be incredibly skilled in melee! Their weakness will be in their complete and total lack of armor!

If you have wanted to play as a faction of Wildmen set in Middle Earth, wanted to be "neutral" with regards to the setting, and wanted to swarm your opponents with poorly armored, but incredibly dangerous wildmen that will fight to the end, then you will definitely want this test build patch!

Until we meet again for our next adventure!


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