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Modified Zombies! World War Z, 28 Days/Weeks Later, Dawn of the Dead (2004) Style! (Please Rate my MOD!) Headshots to kill Zombies! Player GOD MODE! Jump Higher! Move Faster! Modified weapons! Shops sell guns and ammo for cheap! No more stamina drain! + More!

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This is video of the original Dead Island (Commentary included), however the mod works in the same exact way for Riptide. The only difference is cash loot is not increased, however to compensate guns and ammo have been made extremely cheap to purchase from shops. You can purchase guns and ammo in the first two starting shops you come across. My original DI mod was a bundle of mods made by the community with several changes made by myself. For Riptide, it's all me!More videos coming soon!

Run Faster! Jump Higher! Health Regeneration! No Stamina Drain! Rainy Weather! Increased DoF! Fast Zombies! Headshots to kill! + More!
Co-Op & VAC Friendly! Just make sure your friends are using the same mod!

ubtri's MOD for Dead Island Riptide v2 is now available.
Here's a list of changes:
Weapons have been modified. Melee weapons no longer drain Stamina. Firearms hold more ammo in their clips, do improved damage and cost much less to purchase. The price of ammo has been reduced as well. The first two accessible shops now sell guns & ammo with a random rotation.

Zombies now move faster (World War Z, 28 Days/Weeks Later, DotD Remake feel), can sense you from twice the default distances, and no longer drown. More zombies will attack you at once, and they will even attack you when you are knocked down. It will require a HEADSHOT to kill a zombie. In addition, they will no longer attempt to grab you.

"God Mode" - all characters regenerate any damage dealt. Must buy a skill to unlock. Explosions and falling damage (aka spike damage) will still hurt or kill you depending on your level. (If you do not want God Mode, then delete all files in the skills folder except the default file.)

Removed stamina cost for many things & general stamina usage.
Increased Stamina Regeneration (Not that it matters w/the removal of it's use.)

Fixed movement & mouse speed/lag/stutter.

Brawling (Kicking and punching) has more reach & does more damage!

Increased Fist Critical chance to 50%
Decreased the chance for fists to severe limbs.
Increased blood splatter effects.
Increased Break Door Effectiveness.
Increased Fury Point Gain.
Decreased Blunt Weapon Durability Loss.
Increased Blunt Weapon Critical Chance.
Decreased Melee Weapon Durability Loss.
Increased Melee Weapon Critical Chance.
Decreased Ranged Weapon Durability Loss.
Increased Ranged Weapon Critical Chance.
Decreased Bullet Weapon Durability Loss.
Increased Bullet Weapon Critical Chance.

Increased Med Pack Effectiveness (Not that it matters with "God Mode")

Removed the ability to drown when submerged in water!

Increased Movement speeds & Sprint speeds.
Increased Swim Speed.
Increased Jump Height.

Increased Max Ammo Carrying capacities to 999,999.

Increased DoF range. Made Fog less annoying.
Added Rainy weather.
Removed Refraction, Dust and other effects to cooperate with Rainy Weather.

Install to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\diriptide\DI\Out folder


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