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I accidentally deleted the old news page so I'm gonna put it back by informing that I released UBHL version Mark I yesterday, and how it works.

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UBHL Mark I is an update to the original version with new sounds and new soundtrack, and lots of bug fixes. For the sake of comedy, I've decided to abolish the horrendous "Version" version names and rather I'm going to use the name "Mark" as a term for updates. What I mean is, all the UBHL versions will be marked with the name "Mark" to indicate gameplay updates.

The "Mark" update themselves are constantly on the update scene, and I make lots of hotfixes every single day. Mostly new sounds and new enemy skins. I've updated Mark I at least 3 times already, the first with bug fixes and a new soundtrack, modified chapter titles and credits, the other I forgot what I've done, and I'm now making a second hotfix with a new Gargantua model and a bug fix for him and I removed the unnecessary multiplayer maps (which you can't play anyhow). If you notice, in earlier UBHL versions the Gargantua didn't do his flamethrower attack, how he does it and he deals TWICE the damage and he's harder to hit as well (since he's now a bit slim but still huge). Now he has been replaced by a big fucking badass robot with a huge flamethrower that does TWICE the damage the old Gargantua could do. He's so badass that he decided to tell his own allied marines to go fuck themselves and kills them for sport! And he even goes to Xen to try to murder your ass!

The model used for him is the "robo" model that's used in multiplayer and on the censored German versions. The music was also changed to the Shadow of the Colossus "Opened Way" song so that you get a "SotC" vibe to the Gargantua fights. You see him 4 times in the game, and only the first Gargantua is immune to weapons. All other Gargantuas can be killed with just a few rockets (or a BFG9000 in case you use impulse 101), Doom style.

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