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UACDayz Mod has been updated to v1.6. Planned final release. It now runs on the latest version of Arma2 OA. Various improvements and additions to the readme files so installation is easier and more information for players. Improvement to the Zombie bait bomb, and other tweaks to the codebase.

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UAC Dayz is a mod of the Arma 2 OA engine based on DayZ mod, Namalsk Crisis 0.741 mod, and many other community contributions to Dayz mod. Being a fan of vanilla Dayz mod, I decided to develop my own version that I wanted to play. UAC DayZ is meant to be a fun and polished remix of the Vanilla Dayz mod leveraging the old community contributions as well as my own contributions.

There are Hi Score tables as well. It is also an ode to the old school Dayz Mod. So if you haven't played anything DayZ Mod related before, or want to go back to the 'old days' and versions that made DayZ popular, this mod is for you. With the inclusion of Crosire's Dayz Control Center package for DayZ, you can play by yourself on a single computer, on a LAN with friends, or have it run as an internet server for many players. UAC Dayz can be played just like vanilla Dayz, but UAC Dayz has an available 'End Game' with many missions, and much more, and is focused on PvE as well as PvP.

Some features and game play:

When the server is running, players can browse current and historical high score tables

Overall Historical and Current High Score Tables

download here:

Some screenshots:

Stats modal turned on (its been improved since then).

Dog waiting, and mission intel coming over player's radio.

Dog and Mission intel when player has radio

Stats modal turned on for 'Top 5 Alive'.

Downtown Chernogorsk, former military encampment.

More decay and destruction, new military enclosure, Chernogorsk

See mod's moddb page for more information, videos and details.

Gameplay Objective

By default, your main objective is to make it into a building called The Monolith,
secret lab that is believed to be the source of the anomalies that started
the outbreak, in order to save the world.

You start by dropping into Chenarus at a random location from a crashing plane.
Once on the ground, you survive looking/looting for food and equipment, whilst
avoiding zombies, bandits, bloodsuckers, blowouts, hunger, thirst and the
elements. Basically classic DayZ with Namalsk elements.
Once you get well enough established with weapons and even vehicles, you
can take on well over 60 different missions against organized bandits
to gain much more equipment.
Once you are equipped enough you can take on the mission at The Monolith,
to save the world!
Once you have done that, you can try again with more challenges, like
without losing a life, or with increased bandit AI and mission difficulty.

Scoring Objectives

There are in-game scoring stats which shows (i)the player's current stats, (ii)the top
5 players on the server with their stats, and (iii) all alive players on the
server. This is apppears the top R.H.S. and can be brought up by the Insert key,
and the views can toggleed via the Insert key.

Scoring per survivor attempt is as such:

1pt per hour survived + 1pt per Zombie kill + 5pts per Bandit kill
+ 5pts per Bloodsucker kill + 1/2pt per headshot

Overall Scores for players are:
1pt per hour survived + 1pt per Zombie kill + 5pts per Bandit kill
+ 5pts per Bloodsucker kill + 1/2pt per headshot - 5pts per death

There is a penalty of -5 points per death to reward players to
accumulate more scores per survivor attempt.

Overall Historical Score Tables

There is a page where players can view Overall Historical Score Tables,
if you open your firewall to port 78 and share the IP address to them,
or just use localhost ( for singele player. for Chernarus map (default) for Chernarus Winter map.

See 'Overall_Historical_Score_Tables_example.PNG'

This page records: (1)'Top Overall Players'. Players with the highest scores
per attempt are rated the highest. (2) 'Top Survivors'. Highest score for 1 life (attempt),
(3) 'Longest Lives'. Survivor attempts that have the longest lives.

Basically all the settings/features can be changed or removed for a pure vanilla DayZ experience as well.
See the mod's moddb page for videos, pictures and more information.

Features (Beyond standard Dayz Mod

--Atmosphere and gameplay of the original mod that made Dayz popular. More focus on PvE, but PvP is possible as well
Gameplay is similar to Vanilla Dayz Mod, in that when you die you start over with just a bandage and painkillers, but UAC DayZ adds some mechanics to allow players to get back into the action a little quicker, but at greater risk. This is more about survival, and rewards, with an available successful end game, rather than base building. And more about Players vs Enemies, though PvP is fine as well.(credits: Karel Moricky, ebay)

--Tasteful map additions that add much more to be explored
Many new map additions to create more atmosphere and back story, and to allow potentially quicker access to loot.. but at a risk to players. These include anomalies that players can use.(credits: Karel Moricky, PiXel, Poncho, hexxar, Mamu1234, Jeff, allavett, Excelsior)

--More enterable and lootable buildings than Vanilla Dayz as well
Addition of more enterable buildings, thanks to DayZed & DayZero mods. (credits: cryq, ZacharyUK+Tansien)

--Bug fixes to original Dayz code base
--Oldschool Dayz scoreboard HUD and actual game-time played displayed
The actual gameplay time is available to the game & HUD (server<->hive modification) to reward points for actual time played in-game, instead of the default real world days where the player can be logged off and not playing. Also a multi-modal HUD monitor, similar to the pre- Dayz scoreboard that shows player stats that are currently playing on the server.

--Single player/Low player count supported
A 'single player' setting, that, when turned on will decrease the amount of bandits spawned in missions, to make them more manageable. It will make the End Game more possible for one player too.

--Chernarus Winter as well as Chernarus maps supported
Support for Chernarus Winter map by ArmanIII. Re-play Chernarus in harsher conditions. Utilizes Namalsk-like weather (harsher than Namalsk even) and skins/models. (credits: ArmanIII, DayZ Namalsk, modifications by me)

--Run your own server/hive as well as dedicated server
Release of a slightly modified Crosire's Dayz Control Center for supporting running your own UAC DayZ (or other Dayz Servers. Modifications include an easy to use script for unattended dedicated servers that will cycle a stop and restart of the server every defined amount of time, and support for Chenarus Winter map as well.

--A simple crafting system
A simple crafting system to make old and new survival items, including an explosive booby trap,ability to create stashes, and a 'zombie bait' placeable.(credits: Allen Kaganovsky, Freaking Fred, Matt L)

Beyond tents, players can also create and use stashes for persistent storage.

--Multi-modal in-game HUD and all time player scores viewable in web browser
In-Game player scoreboard ranking for alive players currently on the server (similar to pre- Dayz Mod versions). Overall all-time player scores viewable in a web browser.

--Functioning dogs
Players may obtain dogs. Dogs are powerful allies, but must be fed. Dogs can persist with players through a custom 'dogtags' inventory item. Dogs are working.(credits: PiXel). [Additional coding by me to fix some serious bugs and added some features.]

--Bandit enemies, with well over 60 missions to take on
Bandits are a constant threat, and survivors can choose to take missions to clean up Chernarus for valuable loot if they have a map and/or radio. (credits: DZAI, DZMS, WAI, DZMSHotSpots, Caveman's missions) [additional coding by me to adjust bandit AI and other settings for gameplay balance]

--Play orientated towards survivors, and survivor cooperation. Players are free to join the bandits.

--Not just about survival, many rewards. An available 'End Game' and back story to optionally pursue.
An 'End Game' scenario that is available that requires that survivors need to work together to achieve.

--A few more vehicle spawns, and vehicle types
A few more vehicle spawns (only a few!). Vehicles spawn undamaged, and a little more often, including some new vehicles like the Armored Hummvee, and gyrocopters. This is also to address balance with the bandit AI and mission system. Vehicles will still need to be fixed once they are damaged. (credits: CSJ)

--Bloodsuckers from Namalsk. Balanced, and improved
Bloodsuckers: Deadly apparition like entities that can suck down your life force. Bloodsuckers have been balanced to address gameplay. (credits: DayZ Namalsk)

Occasionally hordes of zombies may spawn, so keep on the lookup. You may encounter more zombies in the wild too.

--PSI Blowouts from Namalsk
Blowouts: Every 3 hours or so there is an energetic blowout world wide where players need to get inside a building, or find protection. (credits: DayZ Namalsk)

--Survivor camps to be explored in the wilderness
Infected survivor camps with loot can be found throughout the wilderness along with the standard lootable wrecks, crashes and care packages (credits: jOoPs) [additional coding by me to fix client server issues]

--Crashing Helicopters & C130s will occasionally appear
Crashing Helicopters & C130s will occasionally appear, and where they crash they can be looted. Survivors can expedient the crash if they have a firearm! Occasionally C130s will fly by dropping care packages. (credits: Graf Zahl, Gorsy)

--Additional items
Additional weapons and items not in DayZ Radios are used to help to receive communications and intercept bandits. APSI mask is used to protect against blowouts and not need to be in buildings and more. CDF Dogtags used to keep a pet dog. Entrenching tool is used to create stashes. Trap is used to create explosive booby trap. Sandbag is used to create zombie bait siren.(credits: DayZ Namalsk)

--Self Bloodbag and Self Refuel at petrol stations (credits: Krixes)

--At night road flares can be used like smoke grenades to distract zombies.

--Full moon nights.
Some of the stronger bandit AI will have night vision goggles, so this can help players without night vision.

--Tons of configurable options
Tons of these settings can be turned on/off and changed to be even more like vanilla DayZ Mod, or to change stuff like different difficulty levels for enemies ,amount of enemies, enemy chance etc...

--Hi Score Tables: Beyond regular DayZ Stats, UACDayZ has its own extended points system, based on zombies killed, bandits killed, bloodsuckers killed, headshots and hours survived. 1 point for a zombie kill, 5 for a bloodsucker kill, 5 for a bandit, 0.5 points for a headshot and 1 point per hour of actual gameplay survived. These can be seen in-game and current and historical scores can be seen on a web page for players to see as part of the server.


Awesome! Me and my LAN friends have been waiting for this update for ages! Thank you!

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