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Discussing the development of content, and getting a few words from those who work on the U.A team.

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UNIVERSE ALLIANCE - Content Development

Today's article is going to focus on content creation, and the individuals responsible for the creation of the content that will be present in the Universe Alliance game, and other multi media. We wanted to ask some of the people working on the content to discuss what they do, and why they decided to join our project.

The lead modeler

Kevin Bryant, who is our lead modeler has worked on many impressive things in his spare time, and now works on the Universe Alliance project while still working partly on his mod called "FPS Terminator". This might be where you know Kevin from, and we're definitely excited to have him as apart of our team. As a skilled modeler, and texture artist, Kevin's skill assets are a true gift to himself and the U.A development process. We asked Kevin if he would give us a little information on why he joined the U.A project, and what he is currently working on.

I'm Kevin Bryant. you might know me as Gridlockshock, or my work on the FPS Terminator mod for Gears of War. I'm helping blackheart games with the creation of 3 dimensional art and assets for Universal Alliance. In contrast to FPS Terminator, Blackheart Games allows me to collaborate with other talent of various skills and imagination. Not only do I appreciate their talent, I also enjoy the attitude and character of all my peers in this team.

You can find Kevin's other project at the following location:

Santar - Alien Race (Space Pirate)

U.A Rifle (High Polygon)

Content development video

The above video can be viewed in 1080 P HD by visiting the following:

Along with Kevin's work we also have talented concept artists. Kevin himself can do concept very well, however that is not his main job on the U.A project. This falls to another individual.

Concept for creation

Our lead concept artist who comes from the U.K is Lewis Turner. Lewis has been working on concepts for many humanoid character, and other NPC designs. We also wanted to get a chance to allow Lewis to share why he joined the U.A project, and what he wishes to do with the project.

I joined Universe Alliance as I really wanted to get into a proper project to do concept art for. I've only ever done personal work in the past. U.A instantly appealed to me with its sci-fi setting and style.

With what I'm going to do with the project, I just want to be the bridge that puts Michael's world, growing in his imagination, into a media that everyone can see and enjoy- Of course whilst sneaking in my own ideas and some inside jokes too. :]

Continuing development

We are working hard to create visual media for the game. We want it to be a delight experience for the eye as much as we want the game play to be a delightful experience as well. I think we've been lucky to have the individuals we do, and although we could not cover every single individual on our team it is important for us to note that all of our team members put into the overall concept of the game and progression of Universe Alliance.

Individuals like Kevin, and Lewis are important to us because they can take general concepts or ideas and turn them into workable, and visible things to use. These skills really help us to continue development of the project. As two of our leads on the team, we wanted to bring them to the light.

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