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The Tyranid Mod site is back in action at new hosting.

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Hey guys,

We've finally got the old site back, at a new location:

So if you want to keep up with all the drama, thrills and spills, go there now!

And because I need to fill up the 300 character limit, I must now ramble aimlessly! We have trained velociraptors to fight crime on our behalf. However, chaos theory suggests that should we attempt to turn them into a themepark, the frog DNA we used to repair their genetics will cause them to create breeding populations on their own, causing untold chaos and devastation when an industrial spy attempts to make off with samples and shuts the fence off while it rains. In fact, chaos theory in general dictates that whenever Tyranosaurs are on the loose in any movie about such things, it will be raining.

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