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To celebrate the two Month Anniversary of Fairy Tale, we finally arrive at Version 5 of the mod.

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As of today, Version 5 of Fairy Tale is out and downloadable here below. Check it out. Also, April the 17th is our two month anniversary, in fact!

The update doesn't have as many updates as one might have wished for, since there has been a lack of time this week. However, this is the update that sets the stage for all further development. The Tech tree has been slimmed, several new units have been added and balancing has been done.

Although there might not be much news in the department of impressive buildings and shining new knights or dragons, rest assured that this update is very important. That, because the most work has been done on areas in the background that may not be as impressive, but do secure the really good, balanced and exciting game Fairy Tale is. There are Python additions, new tech icons, a better Main Menu and other nice stuff in this update as well.

Version 5 Will also receive its fair share of updates. A new civ has already been designed for inclusion and just needs the proper work, and new ideas are being worked on right now. Among other things, there will be Guilds included.

Fairy Tale has been out only two months, but what progress that has been made! This project is a never-ending artwork and you can presonally take part in it by posting comments, reports and suggestions on the Fairy Tale discussion thread on CivFanatics. Also, be sure to vote for Fairy Tale right here at ModDB too (in the right column on this page).

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