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Twistyper alpha 1.01 Mac and Windows has been released! No "Disappearing item slot" anymore! Graphic quality is set again for better display even at low quality!

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Hi guys, Twistyper alpha 1.01 for Mac and Windows has been released!

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Twistyper Alpha 1.01 Mac

Twistyper Alpha 1.01 Windows

Change log:
- Mac version added
- No "Disappearing Item slot" bug anymore!
- Graphic quality is set again for better display at low quality
- Some words at early levels are changed.
- Your old saved progress will remain when install this version.

- Game won't save your finished goals if you've just got it but press "restart" or "quit" before the level ends. Please press "endround" or wait for level to end first.

- Press right ctrl for motorbike *lol

- After each 3 levels word group is changed (each group contains 20 words). This helps you to be familiar with words instead of changing continiously and randomly.

- *Character's speed (sometimes jump height) should not be added too much points. You'll find it hard to control with high speed. (5/10 points is fine)

- Depth of field & Motion Blur Option On/off for high quality.
- Try to earn money by doing Combos or picking Coins. You won't really need Boost items until stage 5.
- Change for better Graphic quality when you start the game for the first time.(Mainmenu-->Option)

- 656mb Installer, almost 2gb installed.
- All 24 playable levels with no restriction.- Customized Input

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System Requirement:
- Processor: Pentium -1.6 GHz or above
- System RAM: 1GB or above- DirectX Version: 9.0 or above
- Video RAM: 512MB or above
If you let me know what you think, it would be great! Criticism and Commments welcome!

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