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It's been a long time coming, but finally Twist is ready for release on the 15th December! Also, the demo is now available! Make sure you try out Twist today.

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Hey Everyone,

It's Jordan here again, and this time with very exciting news! Twist has now (or very soon will) become available on Desura. For now this is just the demo, but you can pre-order the full release in anticipation for it's release on the 15th December.

For those who haven't seen Twist before and haven't followed it's development, I'd probably ought to give a brief spiel about what Twist is all about:

JordanHart wrote: Twist is an Indie Game that takes it's inspiration from Bit Trip Runner and Super Meat Boy. I loved the difficulty seen in these games, but I figured there was a new mechanic yet to be explored by these brutally hard games, so I made Twist. Twist is a 3D Platformer, where the player constantly moves forwards, but has the ability to rotate left or right. There are a number of ways to die including saw blades, grinders, spikes, and falling off the edge into the bottomless pit, or just by running into a wall. However, Twist also features power-ups, such as Slow Motion, Auto Jumping, and Wall Immunity, these can be collected and used throughout the levels. I loved this brutally hard mentality so much, I even included a Perma-Death 'Rogue' mode. Twist is a tough, fast paced platforming game with potentially hours of gameplay fun to be had.

It's been a busy month for Twist, but finally I managed to complete the game before the year's end, it's been an emotional time for me, as I finished my first game project. It's been a roller coaster, although I don't usually enjoy roller coasters, this one has been fantastic. But with all of this, I won't be finishing development of Twist, I'm still going to be maintaining the game and adding more features, including new characters, new levels, and even making the level editor available to the public over the next few months.

Please Download the Demo from Desura and let me know what you think, all of your support is very much appreciated.

Thank you so much,

Jordan Hart

PurpleHatch Software

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