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A new version of TwinStickShooter is released, adding a few new features including the Versus multiplayer mode.

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This new version of TwinStickShooter, version, adds a few new features including the Versus multiplayer mode. In versus mode, two players can play head-to-head through a LAN or Internet connection. Both players compete for the highest score and will face equal opposition. Powerups can be used to grant yourself improved abilities or thwart your opponents efforts. There are six powerups: bomb (destroy all enemies within a radius around yourself), score boost (temporarily get double the points for each enemy shot), slow (temporary slow down your opponent's movement), weapon trouble (temporary slow down your opponent's firing rate), jammer (temporarily obscure your opponent's view with static distortion) and the enemy teleport (the next 10 enemies you kill will be teleported over to your enemies playing field).

The update also brings some stability improvements, in-game update notifications and customizable crosshair color for players who use mouse/keyboard controls.

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