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* Very important note, use reshade 3.4.1 because newer versions get blocked by battleye for the crew 2. * How to install and use this mod/preset. Take note, no one has been banned by using this, but the team that made the crew 2 has not officially stated that its safe/allowed to use. Responsibility is yours when using this mod.

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Reshade is a very small program (~3.8mb) that injects your game to unlock graphical customization. If you are hesitant to try this thats only logical. Reshade is 100% safe to use according to the results shown here on VirusTotal, which scans with 70 defenders. These results are for the 3.4.1 version of reshade (the one you need, and can be downloaded here), not the newest version. You only need to set this up once, from that point onward its activated automatically when the game starts.

  • Download my preset.
  • Place the preset inside the game folder (where the .exe is).
  • Battleye block versions 4.0 and above from Reshade. So download 3.4.1 (It's the one i use too).
  • Use this gif i made, for instructions on how to install and use Reshade.

If you need help comment below, I'll try to be of service. If you followed my instructions, you can use the insert key on your keyboard, to toggle the preset on and off.

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