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Update 0.3.0 is beeing worked on to get a Basic tutorial, all the pre-work has been done in this month.

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I did put a lot of work into the version 0.2.0 to create a new standard for the game, to make it feel different and create a pre-style for the future story part of the game. I have spent a good amount of money to afford a new computer to release updates more frequently and more faster. I took almost one month to work on update 0.3.0 and try to put a lot of things in that I have planned, but didnt created before. I hope to make more budget for the game soon, but it could take a while, but atleast I try to create new content with that low budget right now. The major points of this update will be:

- New Balance changes
- A new Armor System
- A new Damage calculation System
- Mana System
- Three different Shrines to pick your own way you want to play
- Armor Upgrade System
- A basic Tutorial
- and a lot of small Changes to the Game and bug fixes

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