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This is a tutorial created for the general community to understand how to create their own mods and test them ingame. The tutorial focuses on how to get models working ingame with their own textures. The next batch will include information on how adding animations and FX to your ingame models!

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Company of Heroes Tutorial Batch 1 Readme

The files can be redownloaded from my link list here:
or from our Mod DB site:

There should be the following files:

The order of files in "CoH Video Tutorials" is:
The order of files in "CoH Modding Tools" is:
1. Corsix's Mod Studio
2. RGM Importer
3. Burner Files
4. Model Exporter
5. Photoshop DDS plugin
6. Skin Installer
7. Object Editor files
8. CoH Launcher.exe

The Mod created in the first video "First_Mod" is used throughout the tutorials, so you if
you plan to follow each tutorial step by step make a new mod called "First_Mod". Otherwise
replace "First_Mod" on doing each of these tutorials step by step!
The RGM Import has problems on my computer... so the tutorial just shows how to set it up.
To use it, you must first extract the folder of the model you want to import via Mod
studio. Then you select the file from inside of 3D Max 8 and import it. If the script gets
an error, try to click file --> Evaluate all on the debug screen. If you still experience
problems it may be because of your version of CoH. I suggest you re-install Company of
Heroes to version 1.0 and then extract everything with Mod studio, then import everything
one by one to Max and save it to a safe location.

Thank you for downloading, watching, and using!

Tutorial Batch 1 by,
blademastercr, aka Darkbladecr

Darkbladecr - For the filming and tutorials.
Corsix - For tools and original documentation.
Bucky Boy - For the original instructions on setting up OE.
Kamikaza22 - For helping me troubleshooting & getting OE to work.
Mannerheim - For help with the OE and his CoH Launcher.
Moonblood - For his Skin Installer program.

Music courtasy of Michael Kamen's first and second suite on the marvelous soundtrack from
the HBO series "Band of Brothers"

Websites used:

Final Notes:
Look out for the following addition, the Company of Heroes Tutorial Batch 2 which will
focus mainly on how to use the Object Editor! There will also be detailed information on
how to set your model up for editing in Object Editor, and how to add FX to it.
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