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Turnover has been updated to v1.0.848. This update brings a some level balances, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and more.

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Turnover has been updated to v1.0.848.

Notable Changes

  • In Windows, Visual C++ 2017 Redistributables are recommended. They will install the next time you launch Turnover.
  • The internal framerate cap has been raised to 240. Turnover should now play nicer at high refresh rates.
  • I've increased the internal rendering resolution of the game. Both low quality and ideal quality settings are affected. If you are running a very, very old system/laptop, the low quality setting is recommended.
  • A handful of levels have been rebalanced to improve gameplay.

Full Changelog

  • New: Launch Option: unlockcutscenes. Unlocks all cutscenes for viewing.
  • Changed/Windows: Turnover has been compiled with VS2017. Visual C++ 2017 redistributables should be installed prior to first run.
  • Changed: Rewrote the resource loading system. This will improve memory usage and may fix some rare instances where sprites and sounds will fail to load.
  • Changed: Increased frame rate cap to 240. If you encounter tearing or stuttering, VSync is recommended.
  • Changed: Increased the internal rendering resolution. This should improve visual fidelity.
  • Changed: Unlocking the "More Stamina" perk now immediately fills the player's stamina meter.
  • Changed: Rebalanced some areas in a few levels.
  • Changed: Minor changes and clarifications to some cutscene dialog and text.
  • Changed: Minor UI changes.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed an issue where portions of vision cones would sometimes be cut off when looking around.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed an issue where all of the player's stamina would not be available at the beginning of a level when the "More Stamina" perk is unlocked.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed a few sprite issues.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed a couple of incorrect error messages.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed an instance where a missing resource error would not exit the game properly.
  • Fixed/All: Performance optimizations.
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