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Bystander work, development milestones, and the recent changelog are detailed in this progress update for Turnover.

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Bystander Work

God Mode was enabled for this GIF

Finished a few more Bystanders to place around the world. In the GIF, you can see them scattering after hearing the dog bark and the gun fire. My immediate goal is to create 5 male and 5 female Bystanders, with a few palette swaps of each for variety.

Updated Websites

Recently, I pushed refreshed versions of Turnover’s website and IndieDB page. What made these changes important is that I put up a plot synopsis for Turnover. Since the story is locked and all of the cut scenes are just about finished, it was about time to post a summary.

Approaching Milestones

There are a series of milestones that I need to hit before Turnover is ready for release.

I have my battle plan ready. It goes something like this.

  1. Finish the mechanics, gameplay, and layout for the last two levels. Play test them. Append changes.
  2. Compile the game together as if it were a finished game, so it is playable from splash screen to credits.
  3. Play test the game fully. Append all changes.
  4. Give new build to tester. Append all tester feedback.
  5. Decorate & complete all levels, complete sound design, explore music.
  6. Play “completed” game. Append feedback.
  7. Pass game to tester. Append feedback.
  8. Prepare for release.

I will be labeling the first release of Turnover as “Early Access”. The E.A. build will be the full game, playable from beginning to end.

The question I keep asking myself is “If this first release of the game is the only version I get to release, would I be proud of it?” Until I can answer “yes” to that, I’m not putting out anything.

Recent Changelog

Here are the changes from the code repository since the last progress report.

  • Fixed Vision Cone visibility bugs found since new system was implemented.
  • Added “quote from Clea” to the pause screen to set mood / give insight on what is happening. New quote each level.
  • All cut scene drafts are finished.
  • Credit scene draft finished.
  • Level 28 layout / gameplay finished, needs testing.
  • Gameplay mechanics for the last levels are finished.
  • Tweaked camera fade transitions. They are a little slower now.
  • Added draft visual for the level exit. Will give indicator for the level exit.
  • Fixed Fireman not dropping a weapon on death.
  • Increased Fire Extinguisher’s default accuracy.
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes spawning behind the player / enemy when fired.
  • Code refactoring. Many code optimizations, a lot of under the hood stuff.
  • Refactored all NPC AI. Attack dogs react better to danger & stay on proper lookout. Improvements to priority of enemies spotting danger — spotting player takes top priority.
  • Refactored how fire is generated & extinguisher spray cloud is spawned. Code is much cleaner.
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