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Continuing sprite improvements and engine work are detailed in this progress update for Turnover.

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Turnover Steam Greenlight campaign is live! Please head on over to the campaign page and say “Yes!” to Turnover on Steam!

First, I want to say thanks to everyone who has voted for Turnover on Greenlight. If you voted ‘no’ and left a comment why, I’m keeping an eye on the discussion so I can continue improving the game.

Character Light

Someone commented over at Turnover’s Greenlight page that they were concerned about being able to clearly see the characters in game. With this in mind, I’ll be experimenting with setting the characters apart from their surroundings.

(Click the image for a better view)

In the image above, the first step I took was increasing the light level on the character sprites. Not a major change, but it does help the sprites pop out a bit better.

Sprite Improvements, Before & After


Here’s a high priority sprite improvement: a toilet. Exciting.

Honestly, these type of toilets are more apt to be found in an office building than the traditional ones with a tank. It’s all about the details…


Here is a window variation, something for the Automation Building levels.


Here’s a tweaked door sprite. Better perspective and a little more detail. I ended up tweaking all of the door sprites in the game for corrected perspective and detail.

Engine / Coding Things

Still working on the engine, improving it as I go along. It’s pretty nailed down now, and I don’t anticipate any more major changes.

  • Finally added the ability to load cut scenes from world completion. Now I can see how they integrate with the game and edit accordingly. This should get me closer to finishing the cut scenes.
  • There is now proper window mouse grab. The mouse cursor stays within game window. Seems to work well in Windows, Linux, & Mac. I’m very happy that I was able to replace my old, terrible solution.
  • Started putting in some better log writing when the game errors out. If something goes wrong while you’re playing the game, I’d ultimately like log.txt to tell you why.


I have been improving all of the character sprites, adding shading and other details. I’ll detail some of the improvements in a future blog post.

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