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Turnover has been Greenlit! A small update on the latest play test and plans for the beta build of Turnover.

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Turnover has been Greenlit!

I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who voted or has been following development of Turnover. That includes every KickStarter backers, and every Twitter, IndieDB, TigSource, and Dev Blog follower. Your support has meant a lot. I’m very fortunate that Turnover has made it this far, and I’m putting my all into ensuring that I create a game that you’ll enjoy.

Just One More Test…

Turnover is very solid right now. I’ve recently completed a decorative sweep of the game, fixing up sound, sprites, and filling out levels. Now, I’ll give the game one more play through to test all of the changes from the last play test. Then, I’m onto preparing a beta build.

The Beta Build

I’ve been into some heavy planning about Turnover’s release. Being recently Greenlit should make testing coordination a much, much smoother experience.

My current attack plan is to first release a beta build of Turnover using Steam. KickStarter backers who pledged for the “Special Edition” tier or higher will be the first to accepted into the beta. The beta branch will be updated as I address feedback and incorporate planned SteamWorks features into the game.

All in all, I anticipate that Turnover will be in beta for a couple months at least. I will be focusing on the Windows build primarily. Once SteamWorks features are in and things are solid, I’ll move onto prepping the Linux build, then the OS X build. As time goes on, I’ll bring a few more beta testers on board if needed.


Here’s the recent changes since the last progress report. Eventually, these progress reports with be changed over to straight update blogs.

  • Fixed Rent a Cops attacking things they shouldn’t.
  • Tighten Sentinel awareness. They are more alert and cautious now.
  • Tweaked sounds & volumes for menu sounds.
  • Timed animations and their decal effects correctly.
  • Removed alert sprite for Attack Dog. Now, player has to pay attention to their state.
  • Removed a ton of old and unneeded code / assets. Refactored some screen classes.
  • Removed Extras Screen. Clea outfit selection is now in options and Hard Mode can be enabled on starting a new game after being the game on “normal” mode.
  • Hard mode: removed vision cones and disabled perks.
  • Started implementation of Steam Achievements. Test successful.
  • Redid the logo splash and credits screens to be thematically consistent with the rest of the game.
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