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storyline ideas, gameplay ideas, improved camera controls and a new video.

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Recently I've been trying to focus my thoughts on the not-so-exciting bits of the game like user interface and presentation, I'd normally work with an artist on this stuff but all my arty friends are too busy with their jobs , so its taking me a bit longer than I'd like. However I have found some people on the net who I am talking to about helping me out, so we will see where that leads.

Anyway I've knocked up a quick video to explain some of the mechanics and hopefully build more attention, have a look:

I've been doing more work on the camera and its finally starting to behave more like I expected it to, there's still a few minor tweaks to be added, but at least now it is always keeping the character onscreen.

I've decided the storyline should be based around an engineer who discovers how to travel to other dimensions, but when he gets there he finds the residents hostile, and he has to build turrets to defend himself until his warp device recharges so he can try and warp home. I'm thinking each time he tries to warp home it fails and he ends up in a harder and harder place, which will be like level progression.

I was considering adding a game-wide skilltree system, but I am still thinking about it. Basically you would earn points from each level, and you could spend them in between levels to get a range of upgrades, some would be minor like permanent armour upgrades, and some would be more major like giving certain guns paralysis or slow effects on hit.

Anyway that's all for now, feel free to comment I'd love some feedback.

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